UW CSE is proud to be a people-focused, family-friendly department. Check out some of the members of our extended family sporting the latest in CSE baby swag!
Infant in Allen School onesie
Little boy in CSE t-shirt holding programming languages text book
Little girl in CSE t-shirt playing with a laptop computer
Little girl in CSE t-shirt waving her hands above her head
Newborn baby in CSE onesie
Little girl in CSE t-shirt sitting on a rug laughing
Newborn girl asleep in CSE t-shirt
Little boy smiling in CSE t-shirt
Newborn wrapped in blanket next to laptop displaying DUB group logo
Baby in CSE t-shirt sticking his tongue out
Baby in pink and white CSE onesie
Young boy holding a photo of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering
Full-length shot of baby in pink outfit and hat with CSE t-shirt
Smiling baby wearing CSE t-shirt
Baby in CSE onesie
Baby in purple CSE t-shirt and yellow bow-tie shoes
Smiling toddler in pink CSE t-shirt and matching sneakers
Curly-haired toddler in pink CSE t-shirt