Title: Better Education Through Improved Reinforcement Learning

Advisors: Zoran Popović and Emma Brunskill (Stanford)

Supervisory Committee: Zoran Popović (co-Chair), Emma Brunskill (co-Chair, Stanford), Mari Ostendorf (GSR, EE), and Dan Weld

Abstract: When a new student comes to play an educational game, how can we determine what content to give them such that they learn as much as possible?  When a frustrated customer calls in to a helpline, how can we determine what to say to best assist them?  When a ill patient comes in to the clinic, how do we determine what tests to run and treatments to give to maximize their quality of life? 

These problems, though diverse, are all a seemingly natural choice for reinforcement learning, where an AI agent learns from experience how to make a sequence of decisions to maximize some reward signal.  However, unlike many recent successes of reinforcement learning, in these settings the agent gains experience solely by interacting with humans (e.g. game players or patients). As a result, although the potential to directly impact human lives is much greater, intervening to collect new data is often expensive and potentially risky .  Therefore, in this talk I present methods that allow us to evaluate candidate learning approaches offline using previously-collected data instead of actually deploying them. Further, I present new learning algorithms which ensure that, when we do choose to deploy, the data we gather is maximally useful. Finally, I explore how reinforcement learning agents should best leverage human expertise to gradually extend the capabilities of the system, a topic which lies in the exciting area of Human-in-the-Loop AI. 

Throughout the talk I will discuss how I have deployed real-world experiments and used data from thousands of kids to demonstrate the effectiveness of our techniques on several educational games.

CSE 403
Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 12:00 to 14:00