Academic Year 2019-20 Dates

Fall 2019 events

Recruiting fairs are scheduled as follows:
Data science fair - Oct 14
Established co. fair - Oct 15
Startup/smaller co. fair -
Oct 16

Registration for all fairs
available here.

Annual research day and poster session - Nov 20

The main objective of the Allen School's Industry Affiliates Program is to support the mutual needs of business, industry, and academia in computer research, development, and education. This is accomplished by providing appropriate mechanisms for technical exchange and collaboration and employment of students.

The program offers many benefits to business and industry. There is the opportunity to influence computing research and education and to participate in long-range technical assessments of problems and directions in the field. Contacts with prospective employees can be established easily; affiliates have early access to student resumes and student and faculty publications. Special seminars and short courses can be arranged. Faculty members are available for informal technical discussions and more formal presentations.

The advantages to the University are also substantial. We can learn about current problems in industry. Students become acquainted with industrial needs. The co-op program and summer internships in local and national industry provide students with a complementary element to their education. The result of the interaction is greater excellence in both the research and teaching missions of the school.

At a more general level, the Affiliates Program is an example of a constructive relationship between industry and the Allen School -- a relationship that stimulates developments in both segments of our society.

How to Join

Membership in the Industry Affiliates Program requires a qualifying contribution to the Allen School. Contribution guidelines are modest:

  • $250 for individual entrepreneurs or startups with 10 or fewer employees
  • $500/year for startups and companies of fewer than 50 employees
  • $2,500/year for those with between 50 and 150 employees
  • $5,000/year for those with between 150 and 1000 employees
  • $10,000/year for larger companies

Qualifying contributions may be mailed, along with this Contribution Form, to:

Industry Affiliates Program
ATTN: Kay Beck-Benton
Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington
Box 352350
Seattle, WA 98195-2350

The benefits of the program to member companies include:

  • attendance at an annual Industry Affiliates Program meeting that features research overviews by faculty, in-depth research presentations and demonstrations by students on current work, working sessions on common technical areas with both faculty and students, and opportunities to interview prospective employees;
  • seminars by faculty members at the affiliate company's site (upon request);
  • access to online resumes submitted by graduating students at all degree levels, as well as ability to post open positions on CSE's jobs board;
  • announcement of interesting seminars and presentations;
  • contact with technical and administrative representatives of other affiliate companies; and
  • many opportunities for informal meetings.

The annual meeting is an opportunity for the Allen School and our industry affiliates to come together and discuss topics and issues of mutual interest. All the faculty attend, as well as most of our students, and we ask for at least one to three representatives from each member company to attend. The meeting features the following:

  • Research overviews by faculty and updates on recent developments and research results within the department.
  • Small focused sessions organized by research areas where students, faculty, and affiliates can interact in a workshop setting and discuss research areas in depth.
  • Demonstrations of software and hardware systems developed by our research projects.
  • One-on-one meetings with individual faculty and students to create and/or continue collaborations.
  • Discussion of the educational mission of the department and the continuous changes and improvements made to the curriculum
  • Interaction with other affiliate members.
  • Opportunities to interview and discuss employment opportunities with our undergraduate and graduate students for both permanent and co-op/internship positions.