Tuesday, February 26: 12:15-3:00
3rd and 4th Floors of Sieg Hall
(With the Traditional Espresso Cart outside 322 Sieg)

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Robotics Lab (420 Sieg Hall)

  • AIBO Dogs Demo in the Robotics Lab
    Cody Kwok Zachary Crisman, Erik Curree, Luke Meyers, Nathan Ratliff, Leonid Tsybert, and Dieter Fox
    NOTE: This demonstration will be from 2-3pm in 420 Sieg Hall

Graphics and Vision, GRAIL Lab (332 Sieg Hall)

  • Adaptable Animated Presentations
    Doug Zongker, Tomer Moscovich, Karin Scholz, John Hughes and David Salesin
  • Image and Video Matting
    Yung-Yu Chuang, Aseem Agarwala, Brian Curless, David Salesin, and Richard Szeliski
  • Skeletal Animation of Deformable Characters
    Steve Capell, Seth Green, Brian Curless, Tom Duchamp, and Zoran Popovic
  • Articulated Body Deformation From Range Scan Data
    Brett Allen, Brian Curless, and Zoran Popovic
  • Sketching Realistic Character Motion
    C. Karen Liu and Zoran Popovic

Invisible Computing, Systems Lab (324 Sieg Hall)

  • Contact: Intrabody Communication for Ubiquitous Computing
    Kurt Partridge
  • Tilttype: Text Entry for Watch-Sized Devices
    Kurt Partridge