Tuesday, February 25: 12:30-3:00
3rd and 4th Floors of Sieg Hall
(With the Traditional Espresso Cart inside 322 Sieg)
(Last updated Saturday, February 22, 2003 3:00 pm)


  • A Declarative Query Interface for Large Semantic Networks (3rd Floor, Poster #1)
    Peter Mork, Jim Brinkley, Dan Suciu, Cornelius Rosse
  • PQL: A Declarative Query Language for the Biomediator Data Integration Project (3rd Floor, Poster #2)
    Peter Mork, Ron Shaker, Alon Halevy, Peter Tarczy-Hornoch
  • An Index for Partial Match Queries in Peer Databases (3rd Floor, Poster #3)
    Nilesh Dalvi, Dan Suciu
  • Controlling Access to Published Data Using Cryptography (3rd Floor, Poster #4)
    Gerome Miklau, Dan Suciu
  • Evolving the Semantic Web with Mangrove (3rd Floor, Poster #5)
    Luke McDowell, Oren Etzioni, Steven Gribble, Alon Halevy, Hank Levy, William Pentney, Deepak Verma, Stani Vlasseva
  • Matching Schemas by Learning from Others (3rd Floor, Poster #6)
    Jayant Madhavan, Phil Bernstein, Kuang Chen, Eric Chu, Alon Halevy, Pradeep Shenoy
  • Mixed Relational and XML Data Processing (3rd Floor, Poster #7)
    Yana Kadiyska, Dan Suciu
  • Piazza: A Peer Data Management System (3rd Floor, Poster #8)
    Alon Halevy, Zachary Ives, Peter Mork, Igor Tatarinov
  • An Extensible System for Merging Two Models (3rd Floor, Poster #9)
    Rachel Pottinger, Phil Bernstein
  • Stream Processing of Xpath Queries with Predicates (3rd Floor, Poster #10)
    Ashish Gupta, Dan Suciu

Programming Languages and Software Engineering

  • ZPL: Fast Local-view Computing with a High-level, Global-view Parallel Model (3rd Floor, Poster #11)
    Steve Deitz, Brad Chamberlain, Larry Snyder
  • ZPL: A Portable, High-performance Parallel Programming Language for Science and Engineering Computations (3rd Floor, Poster #12)
    Steve Deitz, Brad Chamberlain, Larry Snyder
  • An Expressive and DECIDABLE Type System for OO Languages (3rd Floor, Poster #13)
    Vassily Litvinov, Craig Chambers
  • Exploding Java Objects for Performance (3rd Floor, Poster #14)
    Michael Noth, Alan Borning
  • Hydro: Language Support for Loosely Coupled Components (3rd Floor, Poster #15)
    Keunwoo Lee, Craig Chambers, Anthony LaMarca
  • Specification-Based Unit Test Data Selection: Integrating Daikon and Jtest (3rd Floor, Poster #16)
    Tao Xie, David Notkin


  • Hyper-Spectral Image Compression (3rd Floor, Poster #17)
    Richard Ladner, Scott Hauck, Agniezska Miguel, Eve Riskin, Alexander Cho
  • Enhanced Sequitur for Finding Structure in DNA and Music (3rd Floor, Poster #18)
    Erin Earl, Richard Ladner
  • Bit-Plane Coding for Video Compression (3rd Floor, Poster #19)
    Ed Hong, Mike Ringenburg, Gidon Shavit, Jeff West, Richard Ladner, Eve Riskin


  • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (3rd Floor, Poster #GRAIL, Room 332)
    Evan Schrier, Wilmot Li
  • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (3rd Floor, Poster #GRAIL, Room 332)
    Adrien Treuille, Antoine McNamara, Zoran Popovic, Jos Stam
  • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (3rd Floor, Poster #GRAIL, Room 332)
    Mira Dontcheva, Gary Yngve, Zoran Popovic
  • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (3rd Floor, Poster #GRAIL, Room 332)
    Yung-Yu Chuang, Dan Goldman, Brian Curless, David Salesin, Richard Szeliski
  • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (3rd Floor, Poster #GRAIL, Room 332)
    Jia-chi Wu, Zoran Popovic

HCI, Educational Technology, and Computer Science Education

  • Classroom Presenter (3rd Floor, Poster #20)
    Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Tammy VanDeGrift, Steven A. Wolfman, Ken Yasuhara
  • Interaction Patterns With a Classroom Feedback System: Making Time For Feedback (3rd Floor, Poster #21)
    Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Tammy VanDeGrift, Steven A. Wolfman, Ken Yasuhara
  • PRIME: Partnership for Research in Inquiry-Based Math, Science, and Engineering Education (3rd Floor, Poster #22)
    Vibha Sazawal
  • The Gender Gap in Undergraduate Computer Science (3rd Floor, Poster #23)
    Ken Yasuhara
  • UrbanSim: Integrated Land Use, Transportation and Environmental Modeling (3rd Floor, Poster #24)
    Alan Borning, A.J. Brush


  • An Analysis of Internet Content Delivery Systems (3rd Floor, Poster #25)
    Stefan Saroiu, Krishna Gummadi, Richard Dunn, Steve Gribble, and Hank Levy
  • An Authorization Processing Infrastructure to Support Certificate-Based Delegation (3rd Floor, Poster #26)
    Valentin Razmov, John Zahorjan
  • Nooks: Safe Kernel Extensions for Commodity Operating Systems (3rd Floor, Poster #27)
    Mike Swift


  • Congestion Control for High Bandwidth-Delay Without Network Support (3rd Floor, Poster #28)
    Andy Collins, Tom Anderson
  • Key Distribution for Secure Multicast (3rd Floor, Poster #29)
    Justin Goshi, Richard Ladner
  • Pinpointing Performance Faults Along Internet Paths (3rd Floor, Poster #30)
    Ratul Mahajan, Neil Spring, David Wetherall, Tom Anderson
  • Scriptroute: A Public Internet Measurement Facility (3rd Floor, Poster #31)
    Neil Spring, David Wetherall, Tom Anderson


  • A Multiprocessor Architecture for IP Routing (4th Floor, Poster #32)
    Douglas Low, Jean-Loup Baer, Patrick Crowley, Neil Sidhwany
  • Graphics Hardware: Beyond the Visual (4th Floor, Poster #33)
    Chris J. Thompson, Mark Oskin
  • WaveScalar (4th Floor, Poster #34)
    Steven Swanson, Ken Michelson, Andrew Schwerin, Mark Oskin


  • A MAC Based on Matrix Groups (4th Floor, Poster #35)
    Matthew Cary, Ramarathnam Venkatesan
  • A New Algebraic Foundation for Quantum Programming Languages (4th Floor, Poster #36)
    Andrew Petersen, Mark Oskin
  • Optimal Solutions for Stream Merging with Receive-3 (4th Floor, Poster #37)
    Adam Fuchs, Richard Ladner
  • Scheduling Techniques for Broadcast of Popular Media (4th Floor, Poster #38)
    Amotz Bar-Noy, Richard Ladner, Tami Tamir

Ubiquitous Computing

  • Bioglyphics (4th Floor, Poster #39)
    Mike Riches, Eugene Lam, Bob Franza, Paul Loriaux, Gaetano Borriello
  • Exact: Talking to Your Household Appliances (4th Floor, Poster #40)
    Alex Yates, Oren Etzioni, Dan Weld
  • Exploiting Mobility for Data Collection in Sensor Networks (4th Floor, Poster #41)
    Sushant Jain, Sumit Roy, Rahul Shah, Gaetano Borriello
  • GetMeThere: Traffic-Aware Driving Directions on the Web (4th Floor, Poster #42)
    Ryan Hennig, Gaetano Borriello
  • ID Tracking for Relationship Inference (4th Floor, Poster #43)
    Mike Perkowitz, Matthai Philipose
  • Integration and Configiuration of Small Wireless Sensors into Ubiquitous Computing Environments (4th Floor, Poster #44)
    Jong Hee Kang, Gaetano Borriello
  • Oasis: A P2P Architecture for Simplified Data Management and Disconnected Operation (4th Floor, Poster #45)
    Maya Rodrig, Anthony LaMarca
  • Person Tracking Using Anonymous and ID-Sensors (4th Floor, Poster #46)
    Jeffrey Hightower, Dirk Schulz, Dieter Fox
  • Plan-Based User Assistance in Ubicomp Applications: Planlet and Other Plan Representations (4th Floor, Poster #47)
    Miryung Kim, Gaetano Borriello, Larry Arnstein
  • Portable RFID: Passive Tags Take an Active Role (4th Floor, Poster #48)
    Waylon Brunette, Adam Rea, Ken Fishkin, Daniel Koizumi, Gaetano Borriello
  • PTR: Proximity Tagging and Reminding (4th Floor, Poster #49)
    Waylon Brunette, Carl Hartung, Benjamin Nordstrom, Corey Ojima, Tim Underwood, Gaetano Borriello
  • Resource Management in Ubiquitous Computing (4th Floor, Poster #50)
    Liang Sun
  • Restricted-Range Personal Area Networks (4th Floor, Poster #51)
    Kurt Partridge, Sarah Newman, Gaetano Borriello
  • The Location Stack: Abstractions and Sensor Fusion for Location Sensing (4th Floor, Poster #52)
    Jeffrey Hightower, Gaetano Borriello

Artifical Intelligence / Robotics

  • Distributed Multi-Robot Exploration (4th Floor, Poster #53)
    Jonathan Ko, Benjamin Stewart, Dieter Fox
  • Simultaneous Object Recognition and Transformation Discovery Using Bilinear Models (4th Floor, Poster #54)
    David Grimes
  • The Activity Compass: Learning and Predicting Daily Activities (4th Floor, Poster #55)
    Don Patterson
  • The Assisted Cognition Project (4th Floor, Poster #56)
    Katherine Deibel, Nan Li, Lin Liao
  • UW Huskies RoboCup Team (4th Floor, Poster #57)
    Cody Kwok, Matthew Burkhart, Leo Daedalus, Griff Hazen, Matt Mohebbi, Nicholas Stipanovic, Dieter Fox