Thursday, February 26: 12:30-3:00
Microsoft Atrium and 2nd floor
Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering

Atrium Level Posters

    Computer Science Education

    • CSE Professional Masters Program (Atrium, Poster #1)
      David Rispoli
    • Expanding the Pipeline: Recruiting Women into Computer Science (Atrium, Poster #2)
      Vibha Sazawal
    • The Gender Gap in Undergraduate Computer Science (Atrium, Poster #3)
      Ken Yasuhara


    • WaveScalar (Atrium, Poster #4)
      Steve Swanson, Andrew Schwerin, Andrew Petersen, Martha Mercaldi, Andrew Putnam, Mark Oskin, Susan Eggers


    • Grammar-Based Compression of DNA Sequences (Atrium, Poster #5)
      Neva Cherniavsky, Richard Ladner
    • The UW Image Coder (Atrium, Poster #6)
      Dane Barney, Amanda R. Askew, Richard Ladner
    • An Algorithm For Constant-Quality Compressed Video (Atrium, Poster #7)
      Michael Ringenburg, Richard Ladner, Eve Riskin
    • Group Testing for Video Compression (Atrium, Poster #8)
      Gideon Shavit

    Data Management

    • Semantic Email (Atrium, Poster #9)
      Luke McDowell


    • Exploratory Models of Path Latency (Atrium, Poster #10)
      Neil Spring, Stavan Parikh, David Wetherall, Tom Anderson
    • Deterring Selfish Behavior in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks (Atrium, Poster #11)
      Ratul Mahajan, Maya Rodrig, David Wetherall, John Zahorjan
    • Interdomain Routing with Negotiation (Atrium, Poster #12)
      Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, Thomas Anderson
    • Optimizing the Dyadic Algorithm for Media-on-Demand (Atrium, Poster #13)
      Tammy VanDeGrift, Richard Ladner
    • Upgrading Transport Protocols Using Mobile Code (Atrium, Poster #14)
      Andrew Whitaker, David Wetherall
    • Routing in a Delay Tolerant Network (Atrium, Poster #15)
      Sushant Jain

    Programming Languages, Compilers and Software Engineering

    • Ethnographic Study on Copy and Paste Programming in OOPL (Atrium, Poster #16)
      Miryung Kim, Tessa Lau, Lawrence Bergman, David Notkin
    • High-Level Language Support for Dynamic Data Distributions (Atrium, Poster #17)
      Steven Deitz, Bradford Chamberlain, and Lawrence Snyder
    • Improving Generation of Object-Oriented Test Suites by Avoiding Redundant Tests (Atrium, Poster #18)
      Tao Xie, Darko Marinov, and David Notkin
    • Run-Time Analysis and Transformations of Programs via Staging (Atrium, Poster #19)
      Sorin Lerner
    • Cobalt: A Language for Writing Compiler Optimizations (Atrium, Poster #20)
      Sorin Lerner


    • Hippocrates: Using Virtual Machines and Application-Specific Firewalls to Cope with Network Intrusions (Atrium, Poster #21)
      Marianne Shaw
    • Measurement, Modeling and Analysis of a Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Workload (Atrium, Poster #22)
      Krishna Gummadi
    • Shadow Drivers: Invisble Recovery for Kernel Extensions (Atrium, Poster #23)
      Michael Swift


    • Rank Aggregation and List Comparison in Databases (Atrium, Poster #24)
      Eric Vee
    • Finding Low-Cost Network Broadcast Trees (Atrium, Poster #25)
      Eric Vee
    • Algorithms for Dynamic Multicast Key Distribution Trees (Atrium, Poster #26)
      Justin Goshi, Richard Ladner
    • Experiments in Randomized Lattice Basis Reduction (Atrium, Poster #27)
      Matthew Cary, Ramarathnam Venkatesen
    • Semi-Matchings for Bipartite Graphs and Load Balancing (Atrium, Poster #28)
      Nick Harvey, Richard Ladner, Laszlo Lovasz, Tami Tamir
    • Windows Scheduling for Broadcast of Popular Media (Atrium, Poster #29)
      Amotz Bar-Noy, Richard Ladner, Tami Tamir

2nd Floor Posters

    Artifical Intelligence / Robotics

    • Concurrent Markov Decision Processes (2nd Floor, Poster #30)
      Mausam, Dan Weld
    • Using RFID Tags to Infer Human Activity (2nd Floor, Poster #31)
      Don Patterson, Dieter Fox, Henry Kautz, Matthai Philipose, Mike Perkowitz, Ken Fishkin
    • Centibots: The 100 Robots Project (2nd Floor, Poster #32)
      Jonathan Ko, Benson Limketkai and Benjamin Stewart
    • Learning and Inferring Transportation Routines (2nd Floor, Poster #33)
      Lin Liao, Don Patterson, Dieter Fox, Henry Kautz
    • Bayesian Learning in a Robotic Head (2nd Floor, Poster #34)
      Aaron Shon, Rajesh Rao, David Bryce Grimes, Chris Baker
    • UW Huskies: How to Play Soccer with AIBO Robots (2nd Floor, Poster #35)
      Cody Kwok, Griff Hazen, Matthew Mohebbi, Dieter Fox
    • Automated Assessment of Student Writing (2nd Floor, Poster #36)
      Adam Carlson


    • Fast, Informal Animation Sketching (2nd Floor, Poster #37)
      Richard C. Davis
    • Classroom Technology to Support Active Learning (2nd Floor, Poster #38)
      Kate Deibel, Steve Wolfman
    • Automated Tactilization of Graphical Images: Full Access to Math, Science, and Engineering for Blind Students (2nd Floor, Poster #39)
      Melody Ivory-Ndiaye, Richard Ladner, Raj Rao, Sheryl Burgstahler, Sangyun Hahn, Beverly Slabosky, Eileen Hash, Jacob Christensen, Maha Ramasamy
    • The Use of Digital Ink in Lecture Presentation (2nd Floor, Poster #40)
      Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Crystal Hoyer, Craig Prince, Jonathan Su, Steve Wolfman
    • The INFACT Gnome Environment: A Platform for Autonomous Agents Generating Automatic Student Assessments and Feedback (2nd Floor, Poster #41)
      Nick Benson, Steve Tanimoto

    Ubiquitous Computing

    • Using Accelerometers to Determine if Two Devices Are Carried by the Same Person (2nd Floor, Poster #42)
      Jonathan Lester
    • The Data Beaconing Approach for Ubiquitous Computing (2nd Floor, Poster #43)
      Jong Hee Kang
    • Deploying Location-Aware Infrastructure and Applications on the UW Campus (2nd Floor, Poster #44)
      Evan Welbourne
    • PlaceLab: Bootstrapping Location-Enhanced Computing (2nd Floor, Poster #45)
      Jeff Hightower
    • Spontaneous Human-Device Interaction (CSE 203, Poster and Demo)
      Kurt Partridge
    • Microbiology Tray and Pipette Tracking as a Proactive Tangible User Interface (CSE 203, Poster and Demo)
      Harlan Hile
    • The Location Stack: Algorithms & Abstractions for Multi-Sensor Location Sensing (CSE 203, Poster and Demo)
      Jeff Hightower
    • UbiDevices: An Ecosystem of Wireless Sensor Mote Interfaces (CSE 203, Poster and Demo)
      Waylon Brunette
    • Reminders through Passive RFID Tagging (CSE 203, Poster and Demo)
      Waylon Brunette

    Graphics and Vision

    • The Office of the Past: Document Discovery and Tracking from Video (GRAIL)
      Jiwon Kim
    • Object Class Recognition using Images of Abstract Regions (GRAIL)
      Yi Li
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Keith Grochow
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Aseem Agarwala, Mira Dontcheva
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Aseem Agarwala
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Daniel Goldman
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Cheng-yun Karen Liu
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Wilmot Li
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Adrien Treuille
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (Poster 2) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Adrien Treuille
    • SIGGRAPH SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Li Zhang
    • Graphics Interface 04 SUBMISSION (currently under review) (GRAIL, Poster and Demo)
      Wilmot Li, Maneesh Agrawala, David Salesin