Thursday, November 3: 1:30-4:00pm
Various locations throughout the Paul G. Allen Center
(Last updated 11/1/05)

    Graphics and Animation Lab, CSE 291

    • A Generative/Discriminative Learning Algorithm for Image Classification
      Yi Li, Linda Shapiro, and Jeff Bilmes
    • Animating Pictures with Stochastic Motion Textures
      Yung-Yu Chuang, Dan Goldman, Colin Zheng, Brian Curless, David Salesin, and Rick Szeliski
    • Crowd Flows
      Seth Cooper, Adrien Treuille and Zoran Popovic
    • Interactive 3D Interface for Guiding an Ultrathin Catheterscope in the Peripheral Lung
      Timothy D. Soper, Indriyati Atmosukarto, Eric J. Seibel, Robb W. Glenny, Linda Shapiro
    • Interactive Video Cutout
      Jue Wang, Pravin Bhat, Alex Colburn, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael Cohen
    • Panoramic video textures
      Aseem Agarwala, Colin Zheng, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael Cohen, Brian Curless, David Salesin, Rick Szeliski
    • Shape and Spatially-Varying BRDFs from Photometric Stereo
      Dan B. Goldman, Brian Curless, Aaron Hertzmann (U. Toronto), Steven M. Seitz
    • Vignette and Exposure Calibration and Compensation
      Dan B. Goldman and Jiun-Hung Chen

    Ubiquitous Computing Lab, CSE 405

    • An RFID Ecosystem: The Allen Center
      Waylon Brunette, Justin Cutter, Alex May, Jonathon Scoles, Robert Spies, Gaetano Borriello, Chris Diorio, Ed Lazowska, Sumit Roy
    • Prototyping Tools for UbiComp
      T. Scott Saponas, Steven Dow, James A Landay
    • Reminders Through Passive RFID Tags
      Waylon Brunette, Michael Brinton, Matthew Hall, Cameron Tangney, Gaetano Borriello
    • RFID Sensing for Detecting Patterns in Movements
      Waylon Brunette, Justin Cutter, Alex May, Jonathon Scoles, Robert Spies, Gaetano Borriello
    • The Impact of Pre-Patterns on the Design of Digital Home Applications
      T. Scott Saponas, Madhu K Prabaker, Gregory D Abowd, James A Landay
    • UbiFit: Physical Activity-Enabling Technologies
      Katherine Everitt, Sunny Consolvo, Ian Smith, James Landay
    • Ubiquitous Information Access through Wireless Networks
      Jong Hee Kang and Gaetano Borriello

    Hardware and Embedded Systems Lab, CSE 505

    • Focal-plane Dimensionality Reduction in Analog VLSI
      Seth Bridges
    • Programming Hybrid Sequential/MicroParallel Computers
      Benjamin Ylvisaker and Brian Van Essen
    • The WaveScalar Architecture
      Steven Swanson
    • The WaveScalar Microarchitecture and Prototype
      Andrew Putnam

    Operating Systems Lab, CSE 591

    • CAM: A Mobile Framework for Digitizing Paper Processes in the Developing World
      Tapan Parikh and Paul Javid
    • Distributable Defect Localization
      Will Portnoy and David Notkin
    • Evolution of Code Clones in Open Source Projects
      Miryung Kim
    • Measurement-Based Modeling of Interference in Static Wireless Networks
      Charles Reis, Ratul Mahajan, Maya Rodrig, David Wetherall, John Zahorjan
    • Rhodium: Relieving Humans of the Burden of Writing Compilers
      Sorin Lerner and Erika Rice

    Human Computer Interface Lab, CSE 603

    • A Study of Digital Ink to Inform the Scaling of a Classroom Interaction System
      Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, K.M. Davis, Craig Prince, Valentin Razmov
    • Value Sensitive Design of the CodeCOOP@MSR: Techniques to Enhance Groupware System Adoption in Industry
      Jessica Miller, Batya Friedman and Gavin Jancke
    • K-Sketch: Informal Animation Sketching
      Richard C. Davis and James Landay
    • MobileASL: Human Perception of Sign Language Video Quality as Constrained by Mobile Phone Technology
      Anna Cavender
    • Monet: A Tool for Sketching Continuous Interactions
      Yang Li
    • Tablet PC Enhanced Curricula
      Richard Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Oliver Chung, K M Davis, Peter Davis, Craig Prince, Valentin Razmov
    • The Indicator Chooser Interface: Value Sensitive Design for Large-Scale Urban Simulation Results Visualization
      Yael Schwartzman
    • The Vocal Joystick: A VoiceBased HumanComputer Interface for Individuals with Motor Impairments
      Susumu Harada, Jeff A. Bilmes, Xiao Li, Jonathan Malkin, Kelley Kilanski, Richard Wright, Katrin Kirchhoff, Amarnag Subramanya, James A. Landay, Patricia Dowden, Howard Chizeck
    • Topiary: A Tool for Prototyping Location-Enhanced Applications
      Yang Li
    • Understanding Computer Accomodations for Dyslexia: User Experiences and the Role of Typography
      Katherine Deibel

    Artificial Intelligence / Datamining Lab, CSE 609

    • Automated Classification of Protein Crystallization Images Using Ensemble Machine Learning
      Shen Pan, Diane Hu, and Richard Ladner
    • Creating Graphics for the Blind: The Tactile Graphics Assistant
      Dana Wen and Richard Ladner
    • Extracting Product Features and Opinions from Reviews
      Ana-Maria Popescu
    • How Well Can Priceline Sell Airtickets?
      Nikhil Bansal, Ning Chen, Neva Cherniavsky, Atri Rudra, Baruch Schieber, Maxim Sviridenko
    • KnowItNow: Fast, Scalable Information Extraction from the Web
      Michael Cafarella
    • Reading Level Assessment Using Support Vector Machines
      Sarah Petersen and Mari Ostendorf
    • Semex: Personal Information Management and Integration
      Luna Dong