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Special Facilities & Services
  • Video conferencing – We have IP-based h.323 video conferencing available using an integrated system in CSE 303, and a portable system on a wheeled cart. Upon request we can support conferences using other group conferencing systems such as ConferenceXP and Access Grid.
  • Lecture capture - Tegrity is a cloud-based video and screen capture service, allowing students and instructors the ability to easily post and share content. Tegrity is a service of UW-IT, available to students and instructors attending all UW campuses. For recording lectures for a MOOC and similar content, we have a recording studio in CSE 007.
  • Audio capture - some rooms have been configured to automatically create multimedia recordings of your meeting or event, scheduled through the room reservation system. More info can be found HERE.
  • Equipment available for loan to qualified CSE members. More info can be had HERE.
  • Digital whiteboards – SMART Boards for CSE students, for collaborative use and development.
  • Digital Media PCs provide special facilities for manipulating video, image and audio files. Three are located in the general Instructional Labs, and one is available for research/staff use in CSE 103.