GPU resources are available for general use. Undergraduate and graduate students alike can use these resources.

GPU Desktops

At present (May 2018), the Allen School has eight (8) Dell workstations with NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPUs installed. All eight run the CentOS 7 operating system.

  1. rainbowdash (CSE 002)
  2. recruit (CSE 002)
  3. robin (CSE 002)
  4. sarge (CSE 002)
  5. applejack (CSE 006)
  6. batman (CSE 006)
  7. general (CSE 006)
  8. lobster (CSE 006)

GPU Servers

There are also four standalone servers - "coltrane," "thelonious," "miles," and "mingus" - with GPUs. These hosts each have 32GB of RAM and a pair of NVIDIA GPUs. "coltrane" and "thelonious" have Titan Xp GPUs, and "miles" and "mingus" have GeForce 1080 ti GPUs. As with the GPU workstations above, they are running the Linux-based CentOS 7 operating system. They are available for command-line, remote access via "ssh."

Tips and Tricks

The nvidia-smi utility will provide information about the GPU and any running process(es).