The department has a portable video conference unit that can be placed and used in any CSE room that has an active network connection. The system consists of an LCD flat panel monitor and a Polycom standard definition video unit. The system can be checked out by emailing avdm.


  • LCD monitor
  • Polycom VSX 5000 system
  • Monitor remote (located on monitor mount)
  • Polycom remote (located on monitor mount)
  • Polycom external microphone (located on monitor mount)
  • Network cable

Preparation Instructions

  1. Plug the main power strip into an outlet and ensure that it is powered on.
  2. Plug the network cable into the back of the Polycom unit (orange ringed port labeled LAN) and into an active network port.
  3. Turn the LCD monitor on by using either the remote or pressing the power button on the right side of the monitor (facing it).
  4. Verify that the monitor input is set to INPUT7.
  5. Turn on the Polycom unit (the switch is located on the right looking at the rear of the system). The boot process takes about a minute.
  6. If you are using the external microphone (shown above) plug the cable with the brown connectors into it and into the external mic port (located next to the network port) on back of the Polycom.

Making a Conference Call

  1. To connect to a call, use the remote and type in the IP address of the unit you want to connect to. Use the right arrow on the remote for the dot in the address. Use the left arrow to go back one space.
  2. Once connected you can make adjustments using the remote:
    • Adjust volume through the Polycom using its remote or through the monitor using its remote
    • Mute the microphone
    • Control your or the remote site camera (provided the remote site allows this) The buttons are labeled Near (you) or Far (Remote). Use the directional arrow keys on the remote to control panning and tilting of the image. Use the zoom buttons for close and far camera shots.
  3. To disconnect just press the Hang Up button.


Can't connect to the other site or they can't connect to you

  • Verify that the unit was assigned an IP address. This will be displayed on the main call page. If none was assigned check to make sure the network cable is securely plugged into the Polycom unit and the display port. Reboot the system.
  • Verify that you and the remote site have the right addresses.
  • Check with the other party and verify that their conferencing unit is h.323 compliant.

No audio from other site

  • Make sure volume levels on the phone unit is turned up
  • Verify that the other party doesn't have their microphones muted
  • Check that the conference isn't muted on this end

Remote site can't hear you

  • Check to make sure the phone/microphone unit isn't muted
  • Have the other party check their audio levels