CSE built Ubuntu systems

We are currently offering/deploying a "half managed" Ubuntu image. This service is still in a testing phase, and a lot of things are experimental! Ubuntu built machines from support that are portable (laptops), will most likely be just a vanilla install of Ubuntu (unless you specify otherwise). Ubuntu built machines from support that are desktops, will actually be configured to authenticate against the MS Active Directory Kerberos realm 'CSENETID.CS.WASHINGTON.EDU', and automatically mount your home directory via cifs when you log on. The following information is primarily for those 2 situations. If you built your Ubuntu machine yourself, YMMV...


The printing directions from the standard linux page will work with Ubuntu, but you will have to get a ticket every time you log on. The following is an alternate method for printing that allows you to store your credentials. NOTE: this method is for support built Ubuntu machines that are configured to authenticate to 'CSENETID.CS.WASHINGTON.EDU' realm. It may work for other Ubuntu machines, but you will likely need to install more packages.

    from the terminal:

  • sudo rm /etc/cups/client.conf (this step is only needed if you previously configured the standard linux printing)
  • sudo apt install smbclient python3-smbc

  • from the GUI:

  • click "activities", type "printers", click "printers" from the list.
  • click the "add a printer".
  • in the "enter a network address or search", type in: smb://rps.cs.washington.edu ENTER.
  • in the list, find "cups-pdf" and double-click that (cups-pdf is a good test, it emails you a pdf of what you print so you don't waste paper).
  • in the driver selection list, select "GENERIC", "generic postscript printer", SELECT.
  • use an application to print something to the printer (i used firefox) we just added.
  • a message pops up saying the printer requires authentication, click that message.
  • a new window comes up, click "authenticate" & enter your username and password, then AUTHENTICATE
  • now, print the page again, this time, a dialog box for "authentication" will appear automatically, and has a checkbox for "remember my password". Check that box, enter your password, and click .

After doing this, the *next* time i printed, i was not prompted. Even after a reboot. I am not sure why the "remember my password" is not available on the first try. Bug?

Repeat the process to add other printers. You may need to download drivers for some printers, and you would need to get the model of printer you are adding if you need to do that. I am pretty sure you *must* use the postscript versions of the drivers, i don't think PCL versions will work.