The CSE network, which includes both wired and wireless access, is intended for research and instruction in computer science and engineering, and is restricted to use by faculty, staff, and students in the CSE Department.

Access to the UW wireless network is also available in the Paul G. Allen Center and in Sieg Hall.

Know the drill? Wish to register a device for CSE-Local? Go HERE For UniversityofWashington, HERE

About the CSE and UW Wireless Networks

The CSE wireless network is available throughout the Paul G. Allen Center. "CSE-Local" is the SSID for the CSE wireless network.

The UW wireless network is available throughout the Paul G. Allen Center. "University of Washington" is the SSID for the UW wireless network.

The two wireless networks co-exist in the Paul G. Allen Center, and offers the following benefits:

  • Campus colleagues, collaborators, non-major students, and event and meeting guests can get wireless access within the building w/out the need for registration or CSE authentication.
  • Improved wireless network capacities - more network capacity means less contention for resources.

If your device is already registered with both CSE and UW, you shouldn't notice any difference in connectivity, regardless the network to which you are connected.

One caveat, though: Access to CSE department printers remains exclusive to the CSE network. If you are connected to the UW wireless network, you will not be able to access CSE printers.

Connecting Your Device to the CSE Network

You are welcome to connect your personal computing device to the CSE network. Registration of the device, or authentication via CSENetID, is required before network access is permitted.

To register your personal computing device - which only needs to be done once - please visit our Register for CSE DHCP Access page and complete the registration form.

If you do not wish to register your personal computing device with the department, and you have a CSE account, you can authenticate each time you connect to the CSE network, by opening a web browser and completing the network login form with your CSENetID credentials.

CSE Wireless

Connecting Your Device to the UW Wireless Network

If your personal computing device has not been registered on the UW wireless network, upon connecting, your web browser will be redirected to the following URL:

UW Wireless

Selecting the "Long Term" button and entering your UWNetID credentials registers your device for use, and the registration remains active as long as you maintain an affiliation with the University, and as long as your device has been seen on the UW network in the past 100 days.

Appropriate Use of UW and CSE Networks

The University of Washington has guidelines for appropriate use of its computer networks and resources, and you are agreeing to abide by them as a condition of your connection to the UW or CSE networks.

The department does not allow private routers serving unrestricted DHCP to be connected to the CSE network. If you have questions about connecting such a device to the CSE network, please contact CSE Support.

Taking over the identity of any department machine, or unplugging a department machine in order to connect your personal device is forbidden.

Need Help?

If you have connection issues with the UW wireless network, please contact UW IT Connect.

If you have connection issues with the CSE wireless network, please contact CSE Support in room 207, or via e-mail to

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