Use of the CSE Physical Network access requires affiliation with the CSE Department. You will be required to authenticate and register the MAC address of your device.

You have a CSE account

    1. Register the "MAC address" of your computer. This only has to be done once, and it works only on the wired network , in the Allen School.

Hosting a short-term visitor (less than 2 wks), or hosting a workshop at CSE?

    To provide wireless network access for a short-term visitor or for conference/workshop attendees, the best option is establish a personal or shared use temporary guest UWnetID.

    Guest UWnetID accounts will work with the 'UniversityOfWashington' SSID network throughout the Allen Center. Be sure that you let your guest(s) know this, as it will not authenticate to the 'CSE-Local' wireless network.