Use of the CSE Network (whether wireless or through a standard wire) requires affiliation with the CSE Department. You will be required to authenticate yourself, OR you can register the MAC address of your device. The preferred method depends upon whether you have a CSE account, and to some degree upon whether you intend to use wireless or a wired connection.

You have a CSE account

    You have two choices:

    1. Register the "MAC address" of your computer. This only has to be done once, and it works for both wireless and wired access, anywhere in the building. In most cases, this is the preferred method for CSE account holders.

    2. Authenticate using your CSENetID each time you connect. This works for wireless access (and a limited set of hardwired outlets, such as conference rooms on the fifth and sixth floors, and short-term visitor offices); and it expires after 10 hours. With this method, you simply open a web browser on your laptop, and you will automatically be directed to a network login page. (Some subtle details to consider.)

    Option (1) will be more convenient if you connect frequently with the same device, or if you typically connect through a hardwired network port, while (2) works well for occasional wireless use.

You do not have a CSE account

    You have two choices - both provide short-term access to the CSE network, and both will require some action by a CSE sponsor:

    1. A CSE sponsor can establish a temporary Guest ID for you, valid for up to seven days. You will use this Guest ID each time you connect to the CSE Wireless Network. (It can also be used with certain wired outlets, such as conference rooms on the fifth and sixth floors.) With this method, you simply open a web browser on your laptop, and you will automatically be directed to a network login page. (See this overview, and these further details.)
    2. Register the MAC address of your computer, which will allow your computer to automatically connect to the CSE network (wireless or wired), for up to seven days. To register, you will need to supply some information about you and your device, and the name of a CSE sponsor. Your sponsor will receive email notification of your request for access, and they will be directed to visit a web page to validate your registration. Once validated, your access will be valid for seven days. (If you need access for more than seven days, a regular CSE computer account is probably more appropriate - but not in all cases, so exceptions can be made; describe your special situation in the Comment area of the registration form.) .

    Option (1) works great for wireless use, and is immediate. It must be initiated by a CSE sponsor. Option (2) is what you will need for hardwired use in offices or labs (and will also work for wireless access.) Option (2) is typically initiated by you (the person who is seeking network access), and it entails some delay and coordination since it requires a two-step process (registration of the MAC address, followed by email notification to the sponsor for validatation.) Both methods are valid for up to seven days. For longer periods, your sponsor should probably arrange for a regular CSE computer account for you, or for special situations, request an exception.

Hosting a short-term visitor (less than 2 wks), or hosting a workshop at CSE?

    To provide wireless network access for a short-term visitor or for conference/workshop attendees, the best option is establish a personal or shared use temporary guest UWnetID.

    Guest UWnetID accounts will work with the 'UniversityOfWashington' SSID network throughout the Allen Center. Be sure that you let your guest(s) know this, as it will not authenticate to the 'CSE-Local' wireless network.

    Another option is to establish a temporary CSE guest ID for your visitor(s), which will be valid for up to seven days (but is renewable). This will work for wireless access throughout the building on the 'CSE-Local' SSID network, and for wired access in conference rooms and short-term visitor offices in the Allen Center. Best plan is to do this the day before arrival.

    Note: you must be faculty or staff (a member of the fac_cs, tech_cs, or offic_cs Unix group) to reserve a guest ID. Access to the tools will be denied if you are not.

    Tip: In both of the above, we advise that you print out an instruction sheet for your visitor(s), which includes their GuestID and password.

    For Personal IDs/use needed longer than 2 weeks, email support@cs to inquire about the appropriate type of account needed.