Using public photos, documents, or other media in you web page requires that you first upload your file(s) to the webserver and then supply the proper URL in your HTML. Our webserver stores such media in the cloud, but we supply a webpage to let you upload your files easily. Once uploaded, the same tool gives you the correct URL.

Uploading Files

IMPORTANT: these instruction show you how to upload files that are visible to absolutely anyone on the web. DO NO PUT PRIVATE OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION HERE. Contact support if you need to store sensitive content.

Begin by visiting the public files page (login required), which offers a web form to let you upload files to the web server. Note that the resource is organized into folders. Please do your best to select a sensible place to put your files. Navigate to a suitable folder, where you will see everything that is currently in the folder. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a "File Upload" bar. Click it and you will get a form to let you upload the file. Note that you can include a brief description of the file, which will help others and probably you later on. Use the Browse button to select the file from your local machine, enter a description, and click Upload.

Using Your Uploaded Files

After uploading your file you are returned to the view of the folder you have chosen. Locate your file and note the URL under the file's name. Select this with your mouse and copy it. This is the value you will use in your HTML, usually as either the src attribute in an <img> tag, or the href attibute in an <a> tag.

Edit your HTML, pasting in URL you copied into the attribute values as needed.