In order to simplify CSE's support for general wireless access and to make the wireless environment seamless between the Allen Center and soon-to-be Gates Center, commodity use of 'CSE-Local' WiFi SSID has been phased out. This page describes changes that were made to CSE wireless (WiFi) networking in the Spring of 2018.

Key Dates

  • As of May 21, 2018, CSE no longer registers device MAC addresses for DHCP access to the CSE-Local IP address space. This includes the self-registration service on the NoCatGW home page.  Indeed, NoCatGW will cease operation on May 21.  Any new or currently unregistered devices will use the UW wireless network, instructions for which can be found here:

  • As of May 28. 2018, guest WiFi access (for conferences, interviewees, etc.) requires the use of UW WiFi guest registration, instructions for which can be found here:

  • As of June 18, 2018, DHCP service for CSE-Local addresses has ceased except for any special research devices that have asked for and been granted an exception.  Various services on departmental machines (e.g., file access, ssh login) have been configured to reject connections from CSE-Local IP space modulo any exceptions.

Background and Justification

Historically there have been two WiFi SSIDs available in the Allen Center: "University of Washington" and "CSE-Local". Both of these SSIDs are implemented using a single set of wireless access points that are administered by UWIT.  The UW SSID is accessible by all UW faculty, students and staff.  The CSE-Local SSID is restricted to CSE users only.

The CSE-Local SSID was a hold-over from the time when CSE managed the wireless infrastructure (both hardware and software).  It was retained with a view to potentially giving some sort of preferential QoS treatement to CSE users, but practice has proven this to be unnecessary.

With the advent of CSE2 the time has come to consider if it is worthwhile to maintain general access to CSE-Local.  Settling on a single UW SSID allows us to remove any remaining ambiguity as to who is responsible for operation of the wireless network and to retire some some CSE software that is, for practical purposes, redundant.

Perhaps more importantly, using the UW SSID allows WiFi connections to roam across campus without multiple IP address acquisitions and dropped connections. This does not hold for the CSE-Local SSID which is, obviously, local to the CSE building(s).

Finally, UW WiFi has recently instituted a policy of not assigning public IP addresses to wireless devices, thus providing an added layer of security.  That is, you can get out but they can't get in.

Given the advantages on several levels of switching users to the UW SSID, it has been decided to retire general access to CSE-Local over the next few months.  Use of CSE-Local will be restricted to research projects (e.g., robots, IoT, etc.) and administrative uses (e.g., cameras, sensors, etc.).

Changes You Will Notice

Printing over WiFi

Previously, printing from wireless devices was only allowed from registered devices attached to CSE-Local.  As part of the changeover, printing is now allowed from the "Univerisity of Washington" wireless network.  However, access to printing from UW requires authentication based on your CSE credentials, either Windows or Kerberos.  You will need to perform some extra configuration of your MacOS or Linux wireless devices in order to print when using UW WiFi.  Instructions can be found here:

You are strongly urged to familiarize yourself with, implement and actively use the changes necessary to print from UW WiFi.  Otherwise, as CSE-Local is phased out you will be unable to print from your wireless device.

CSE Guest WiFi service also goes away

Those who have relied on CSE Guest WiFi for short term visitors and conferences should now utilize UWIT's Guest WiFi service:   A reminder that Eduroam is also available across campus:


Things you can do to prepare yourself for this change:

  • Make sure your portable device (laptop, mobile phone) is registered on “University of Washington” SSID.

  • Configure and test Allen School printers while connected to “University of Washington” SSID (note: printers on MacOS and Linux may need to be reconfigured, see our printing web pages for current configuration instructions)

  • Start using “University of Washington” as a general practice in advance of the June 18th date.

  • Consider registering with “Eduroam” as a functional backup (say for when “UofW” WiFi is down). See:  or

  • For those managing Guest WiFi access for visitors, please familiarize yourself with UWIT’s options for Guest WiFi.