UW/MSR Joint
Machine Learning Day 2013
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Applications of Submodular Maximization to Speech Data   
    Subset Selection
Kai Wei
Balanced Label Propagation for Partitioning Massive Graphs   Johan Ugander
Clonal structure can be inferred from multiple sections of a   
    breast cancer by a novel binomial model
Habil Zare
Dependency Parser Adaptation with Subtrees from Auto-Parsed   
    Target Domain Data
Xuezhe Ma
Estimating Stochastic Bounds for Multivariate Tail Dependence   Robert Yuen
Exchangeable Variable Models   Mathias Niepert
Feature Splitting for Sparsity Selection with an Application to   
    Feature Engineering
Tyler Johnson
Find the Best Path: an Efficient and Accurate Classifier for
    Image Hierarchies
Min Sun
General Functional Matrix Factorization Using Gradient BoostingTianqi Chen
Graph-based Posterior Regularization for Semi-Supervised
    Structured Prediction
Luheng He
Harvesting Parallel News Streams to Generate Paraphrases
    of Event Relations
Congle Zhang
Improving Relation Extraction using Named-Entity LinkingMitchell Koch
Joint annotation of 74 human cell types using entropic   
    graph-based regularization
Max Libbrecht
Latent Session Model For Web User ClusteringHaijie Gu
Learning the Structure of Sum-Product NetworksRobert Gens
Modeling event streams with tensor-factored processes   Chris DuBois
Nonconvex Optimization Is Combinatorial OptimizationAbram L. Friesen
Nystrom Approximation for Large-Scale Determinantal
Raja Hafiz Affandi
ScanBMA and Gene Regulatory Network InferenceChad Young
Slice sampling dependent normalized random measure
    mixture models
Nicholas Foti
Structured estimation of Gaussian graphical models   Karthik Mohan
Submodular Optimizationt with Submodular Cover
    and Submodular Knapsack constraints
Rishabh Iyer
Subspace Models for Bottleneck FeaturesJun Qi
Topic Model Diagnostics: Assessing Model Quality and
    Domain Relevance using Visual Analytics
Jason Chuang
Travel Recommendation from Large Scale Online Photo
Shirley You Ren
Unmixing Incoherent Structures by Randomized or
    Greedy Decomposition
Tianyi Zhou
WarpGraph: A Fine Grained Distributed Graph-Parallel
    Abstraction for Machine Learning
Yucheng Low

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