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2006 Summer Institute on the World-Wide Sensor Web, co-sponsored by the University of Washington and Microsoft Research.

The meeting will be held at the Semiahmoo Resort (www.semiahmoo.com) in Blaine, WA (located approx. 2 hrs north of Seattle near the US-Canada border) from August 6 to August 9, 2006.

We want to discuss how we can bring to end users the wealth of sensor data we are now able to collect from embedded as well as mobile sensors on people and vehicles. We want to discuss the infrastructure and tools we will need to make this information searchable and visualizable by everyone. We want to understand the challenges facing the construction of a search engine for the physical properties of places on our planet. These will span a wide range of topics from the properties of the sensing devices all the way to end-user applications and all the networking, databases, and distributed systems in between. We expect to have a series of discussions anchored by a set of visionary presentations. Our goal for the workshop is to develop directions for future research and build a community of researchers interested in making our planet searchable.

You can find a description of past summer institutes at: http://www.cs.washington.edu/mssi/.

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