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The 2008 Summer Institute, co-sponsored by the University of Washington and Microsoft Research, will be held at the Semiahmoo Resort (www.semiahmoo.com) in Blaine, WA, from August 3 to August 7, 2008. The Resort is located approximately 2 hours north of Seattle, near the US-Canadian border.

Title: The Concurrency Challenge: Can We Make Parallel Programming Popular?

Proposal: Concurrency, as a basic primitive for software construction, is more relevant today than ever before, primarily due to a disruptive trend in the evolution of computers. Microprocessors will scale by increasing the number of independent computing cores, without significantly increasing the speed of an individual core. General-purpose software applications must find ways to exploit explicit concurrency to take advantage of this hardware parallelism. In the past, concurrent programs were written by savant systems programmers; in the future, they will be written by average application developers. To maintain the productivity of these developers, we need novel languages, abstractions, and tools for concurrent programming.

The goal of this summer institute is to bring together researchers interested in parallel programming who can contribute ideas on how to make it easier for the average programmer. Since concurrency affects each layer of abstraction in the application stack, the goal of simple and reliable concurrency can only be achieved by collaboration among experts from many different areas of computing. This institute is a start to this collaboration and will hopefully facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas by bringing together researchers from diverse communities such as programming languages, formal methods, software testing and verification, high-performance scientific computing, computer architecture, and operating systems.

Descriptions of past summer institutes may be viewed at: http://www.cs.washington.edu/mssi/.

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