A Few Days in the Life


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A Few Days in the Life


Dramatis Personae

Apprehending a Deadbeat Dad -- February, 2025


Jury selection

Family Quarters -- June, 2025


Breakfast huddle

Kids picked up for school*

Dad sips latte, gets to “work”

Mom links to governance hub

Restaurant is booked for dinner*

Mom is Off to the Airport

Evening Ritual

House Damps Down

Mom Checks in to London Hotel

Trial (next day)

Shared Family Fun Time

Stonestm Concert -- Live from London

Elder Care

Event Booking

Event Experience, Co-production, Capture

A Special Treat

Topics not discussed

Supporting Technologies (1/2)

Supporting Technologies (2/2)

Author: John Richards

Email: gaetano@cs.washington.edu

Home Page: http://www.cs.washington.edu/mssi/tic