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In Fall 2009, each incoming University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering graduate student will receive a Kindle DX, Amazon's latest wireless reading device, to use in place of traditional printed textbooks and research papers in their first-year graduate courses. The students also will receive textbooks and other required reading materials free of charge for the Kindle DX.

The University of Washington is one of seven colleges and universities conducting a Kindle DX pilot program. The goals of the pilot are to explore the use of electronic readers in university classes, and to discover their strengths and weaknesses relative to traditional content delivery. At the University of Washington, Computer Science & Engineering and the Foster School of Business are participating in the pilot. The other institutions taking part in the pilot are Princeton University, Case Western Reserve University, Reed College, Arizona State University, Pace University, and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. (See the institutions' custom Kindle DX covers here!)

In addition to reducing textbook cost and backpack weight, use of the Kindle DX should dramatically reduce printing and its environmental impact and cost -- we estimate that the typical first-year UW CSE graduate student prints 1,000 pages of research papers as reading material for courses. We will conduct usability assessments with a specific focus on the Kindle DX's annotation facilities, under the direction of Professor Charlotte Lee from UW's Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering. UW CSE students and faculty also will participate in assessments in cooperation with all participating institutions.

The UW CSE pilot is under the direction of Professor Ed Lazowska. Approximately forty graduate students will participate. The courses whose materials will be made available on the Kindle DX include:

Many thanks to our friends at Amazon for the opportunity to participate in this exciting experiment!

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