We are celebrating our 39th year of Distinguished Lectures at the Allen School. Here is a complete list of all lecturers, in reverse chronological order:

  • October 21, 2021
    Bill Weihl
    , ClimateVoice
    Why Companies Should Lobby for Climate and How Students Can Help
  • May 20, 2021
    Aaron Roth
    , University of Pennsylvania
    Online Multivalid Learning: Multicalibration and Multivalid Prediction Intervals for Worst Case Data
  • February 11, 2021
    Sarita Adve
    , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Systems 2030: The Extended Reality Case
  • January 21, 2021
    Jennifer Rexford
    , Princeton University
    Networks Capable of Change
  • December 10, 2020
    Brad Calder
    , Google
    Five Nines Applications in the Cloud
  • December 3, 2020
    Kunle Olukotun
    , Stanford University
    Machine Learning and Systems a Virtuous Cycle
  • October 29, 2020
    Cory Doctorow
    , Author, Journalist and Technology Activist
    Early-Onset Oppenheimers
  • February 27, 2020
    Fernando Pereira
    , Google AI
    Representation learning, inference, and reasoning
    Taskar Memorial Lecture 2020
  • January 16, 2020
    Kathleen McKeown
    , Columbia University
    Where Natural Language Processing Meets Societal Needs
  • December 5, 2019
    Ayanna Howard
    , Georgia Institute of Technology
    Roving for a Better World
  • November 14, 2019
    Elizabeth Spelke
    , Harvard University, NSF-MIT Center for Brains, Minds and Machines
    From Core Concepts to New Systems of Knowledge
  • October 29, 2019
    David Patterson
    , UC Berkeley/Google
    Domain Specific Architectures for Deep Neural Networks: Three Generations of Tensor Processing Units (TPUs)
  • 10/10/2019
    Jeff Dean
    , Google
    "Deep Learning to Solve Challenging Problems"
  • 05/02/2019
    Michael Kearns
    , University of Pennsylvania
    "The Ethical Algorithm"
    Taskar Memorial Lecture 2019
  • 02/21/2019
    Manuela Veloso
    , Carnegie Mellon University
    "Towards a Lasting Human-AI Interaction"
  • 12/06/2018
    Olga Troyanskaya
    , Princeton University
    "Data-driven understanding of human disease: from machine learning methods to biological discoveries"
  • 12/04/2018
    Margo Seltzer
    , University of British Columbia
    "Systems Research -- construed broadly"
  • 03/01/2018
    Michael Jordan
    , University of California, Berkeley
    "On Gradient-Based Optimization: Accelerated, Stochastic and Nonconvex"
    Taskar Memorial Lecture 2018
  • 12/14/2017
    C. Mohan
    , IBM Almaden Research Center
    "New Era in Distributed Computing with Blockchains and Databases"
  • 10/12/2017
    Scott Klemmer
    , UC San Diego
    "Design at Large: real-world, large scale, and sometimes disruptive"
  • 02/07/2017
    Andy Jassy
    , Amazon Web Services
    "Seattle: Epicenter of the Cloud"
  • 02/02/2017
    Pieter Abbeel
    , UC Berkeley
    "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotics"
    Taskar Memorial Lecture 2017
  • 01/19/2017
    Dan Boneh
    , Stanford University
    "Bringing People Closer to Data"
  • 01/17/2017
    Chris Stolte
    , Tableau Software
    "Hiding the metadata in chat systems"
  • 01/10/2017
    David Karger
    , MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
    "Higher Fidelity Systems for Online Discussion and End-User Data Interaction"
  • 11/15/2016
    Umar Saif
    , Information Technology University, Lahore, Pakistan
    "Designing Technology for the "Other" 5 Billion"
  • 11/10/2016
    Mirella Lapata
    , University of Edinburgh
    "What's This Movie About? Automatic Content Analysis and Summarization"
  • 01/21/2016
    Daphne Koller
    , Coursera
    "MOOCs Turn 4: What Have We Learned?"
    Taskar Memorial Lecture 2016
  • 12/17/2015
    John Markoff
    , New York Times
    "Machines of Loving Grace: Terminator Anxiety, or will the Robots Arrive Just in Time?"
  • 12/10/2015
    Jeannette Wing
    , Microsoft Research
    "Research at Microsoft: Looking Beyond the Horizon"
  • 12/08/2015
    Alan Eustace
    , Google (ret.)
    "Stratospheric Exploration -- The Ultimate Science Project"
  • 10/27/2015
    David Patterson
    , UC Berkeley
    "Instruction Sets Want To Be Free: A Case for RISC-V"
  • 10/06/2015
    David Salesin
    , Adobe
    "Observations On Doing Research and On Creating Sublime User Experiences"
  • 02/26/2015
    Jeff Dean
    , Google
    "Large-Scale Deep Learning for Building Intelligent Computer Systems"
  • 01/15/2015
    Jon Kleinberg
    , Cornell University
    "Incentives for Collective Behavior: Badges, Procrastination, and Long-Range Goals "
  • 10/30/2014
    Marti Hearst
    , UC Berkeley
    "Seeking Simplicity in Search User Interfaces"
  • 10/28/2014
    Hadi Partovi
    , Co-founder of non-profit Code.org, Entrepreneur
    "Computer Science: Changing the World vs. Making Money"
  • 10/09/2014
    Larry Smarr
    , UC San Diego, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
    "Quantifying the Dynamics of Your Superorganism Body Using Big Data Supercomputing"
  • 2/11/2014
    Lillian Lee
    , Cornell University
    "Creating an Environment for Innovation"
  • 2/4/2014
    Tony DeRose
    , Pixar
    "Recent Research at Pixar"
  • 12/3/2013
    Michael I. Jordan
    , UC Berkeley
    "On the Computational and Statistical Interface and "Big Data"
  • 11/7/2013
    Silvio Micali
    , MIT Computer Science and Artificial Inteligence Laboratory
    "Proofs, Secrets, and Computation"
  • 9/26/2013
    David Patterson,
    UC Berkeley
    "Myths about MOOCs and Software Engineering Education"
  • 11/13/2012
    Susan Athey,
    Stanford University (formerly Harvard University)
    "Machine Learning meets Economics: Using Theory, Data, and Experiments to Design Markets"
  • 10/30/2012
    Brad Smith,
    Microsoft Corporation
    "Creating an Environment for Innovation"
  • 10/16/2012
    Maria Klawe,
    Harvey Mudd College
    "The Harvey Mudd Story: From 10% to 40% female in CS in three years"
  • 02/23/2012
    Mary Jane Irwin,
    Penn State University
    "Adventures in Scaling the Multicore Memory Wall"
  • 02/02/2012
    Shafi Goldwasser,
    MIT RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Wiezmann Institute of Science, Israel
    "Cryptography when Secrets are Hard to Keep"
  • 12/08/2011
    Michael Nielsen

    "Doing Science in the Open"
  • 11/01/2011
    James Hamilton,
    Amazon Web Services
    "Internet-Scale Storage"
  • 10/26/2011
    Bill Gates,
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, former CEO Miscrosoft
    "The Opportunity Ahead: A Conversation with Bill Gates"
  • 10/19/2011
    Joe Tucci,
    "Cloud + Big Data = Massive Change, Massive Opportunity"
  • 12/07/10
    David Culler,
    UC Berkeley
    "Rethinking the Energy Infrastructure from an IT Perspective"
  • 11/16/10
    Luca Cardelli,
    Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
    "Speaking the Language of Molecules"
  • 11/02/10
    John Hennessy,
    Stanford University
    "The Future of Research Universities"
  • 10/21/10
    Tom Mitchell,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Never-Ending Learning"
  • 10/14/10
    Steve Ballmer,
    Microsoft Corporation
    "A Conversation with Steve Ballmer"
  • 12/03/09
    Pat Hanrahan,
    Stanford University
    "Why Are Graphics Systems so Fast?"
  • 11/05/09
    Craig Mundie,
    "Rethinking Computing"
  • 10/15/09
    Irwin Jacobs,
    Qualcomm co-founder
    "From Cell Phones to Smart Phones to Smart Books - An Exciting Journey"
    Second Annual Dean Lytle Electrical Engineering Endowed Lecture
  • 10/06/09
    Nathan Myhrvold,
    Intellectual Ventures and Chris Young, Intellectual Ventures
    "Cooking in Silico: Understanding Heat Transfer in the Modern Kitchen"
  • 10/01/09
    Charles Simonyi,
    Intentional Software
    "Return to the Final Frontier"
  • 02/24/2009
    Judy Estrin,
    JLabs LLC
    "Closing the Innovation Gap"
  • 01/13/2009
    Sebastian Thrun,
    Stanford University
    "Robotic Cars: Challenges and Perspectives"
  • 11/18/2008
    Werner Vogels,
    "A Head in the Cloud - The Power of Infrastructure as a Service"
  • 10/28/2008
    David Ditzel,
    "A 25-Year Perspective on Binary Translation: What Worked, What Didn't"
  • 10/14/2008
    Vint Cerf,
    "Internet Evolution and Some Challenges for the Early 21st Century"
  • 10/07/2008
    Jeff Dean,
    "Research Challenges Inspired by Large-Scale Computing at Google"
  • 02/07/2008
    Joe Hellerstein,
    UC Berkeley
    "Declarative Networking: What's Next"
  • 01/24/2008
    Bernard Chazelle,
    Princeton University
    "Why the Algorithm Might Soon Be the Only Game in Town"
  • 11/29/2007
    Charles Simonyi,
    Intentional Software
    "Training and Reality: Adventures of a Spaceflight Participant"
  • 10/25/2007
    Dan Olsen,
    Brigham Young University
    "Interactive Machine Learning"
  • 10/04/2007
    T.V. Raman,
    Google Research
    "The Web the Way You Want It"
  • 02/08/2007
    Raghu Ramakrishnan,
    Yahoo Research (formerly University of Wisconsin)
    "Community Systems: The World Online"
  • 01/18/2007
    Saul Greenberg,
    University of Calgary
    "Enhancing Creativity through Toolkits"
  • 11/09/2006
    Larry Peterson,
    Princeton University
    "PlanetLab: Evolution vs Intelligent Design in Global Network Infrastructure"
  • 10/26/2006
    Maurice Herlihy,
    Brown University
    "Taking Concurrency Seriously: New Directions in Multiprocessor Synchronization"
  • 1/12/2006
    Daphne Koller,
    Stanford University
    "Probabilistic Models for Complex Domains: Cells, Bodies, and Webpages"
  • 01/05/2006
    John Guttag,
    "Shortening the Control Loop in the Management of Chronic Disease"
  • 12/08/2005
    Ross Anderson,
    University of Cambridge
    "Satan's Computer - Revisited"
  • 12/01/2005
    Cynthia Dwork,
    "Helping Kinsey Compute: Statistics with Secrecy"
  • 10/04/2005
    Owen Astrachan,
    Duke University
    "On the Cruelty of Really Teaching Computer Science Redux"
  • 01/25/2005
    Terry Winograd,
    Stanford University
    "Designing for Fluent Interaction"
  • 12/09/2004
    David Haussler,
    UC Santa Cruz
    "Using Evolution to Explore the Human Genome"
  • 12/07/2004
    Michael Collins,
    "Discriminative Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Processing"
  • 11/30/2004
    Jan Cuny,
    University of Oregon
    "Broadening Participation in Computer Science: Pipe Dreams for the Pipeline"
  • 02/24/2004
    Leslie Pack Kaelbling,
    "Life-Sized Learning"
  • 02/12/2004
    Shree Nayar,
    Columbia University
    "Computational Camera: Redefining the Image"
  • 12/11/2003
    Michael Jordan,
    "Graphical Models, Kernel Methods and Statistical Learning Algorithms"
  • 12/02/2003 POSTPONED
    Scott Charney,
    "Critical Infrastructure Protection"
  • 11/20/2003
    Udi Manber,
    "All The World's Information at Everyone's Fingertips"
  • 11/21/2002
    Moshe Vardi,
    Rice University
    "On the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science"
  • 11/14/2002
    Deborah Estrin,
    "Sensor Networks Research: From Rhetoric to Rigor"
  • 10/31/2002
    Robert Harper,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Programming Languages: The Essence of Computer Science"
  • 02/26/02
    Jim Gray,
    Microsoft Research
    "The World Wide Telescope as a Prototype for the New Computational Science"
  • 12/06/2001
    Andrew Blake,
    Microsoft Research
    "Seeing Through the Clutter"
  • 10/18/2001
    Rosalind Picard,
    "Machines with Emotional Intelligence"
  • 10/11/2001
    Jon Kleinberg,
    Cornell University
    "The Structure of Information Networks"
  • 10/04/2001
    Judea Pearl,
    "Reasoning with Cause and Effect"
  • 11/30/2000
    Jessica Hodgins,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Animating Human Motion"
  • 11/16/2000
    Randy Pausch,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "The Interdisciplinary Challenge of Building Virtual Worlds"
  • 10/26/2000
    Clifford Nass,
    Stanford University
    "How People Treat Interfaces Like People: Social Psychology and Design"
  • 10/5/2000
    Tony DeRose,
    "Behind the Scenes at Pixar"
  • 12/2/1999
    David Tennenhouse,
    "Proactive Computing"
  • 11/4/1999
    Eva Tardos,
    Cornell University
    "Approximation Algorithms for Some Clustering and Classification Problems"
  • 10/14/1999
    Elliot Soloway,
    University of Michigan
    "Schools Don't Want Technology, Schools Want Curriculum"
  • 10/7/1999
    Hal Varian,
    "Five Forces in the Network Economy"
  • 3/4/1999
    David Clark,
    "Internet Telephony: Will it kill the telephone companies, the Internet, or both?"
  • 12/3/1998
    Randy Katz,
    "Beyond Third Generation Cellular Networks"
  • 11/12/1998
    Michael Stonebraker,
    Informix Software
    "A DBMS View of Middleware"
  • 10/8/1998
    James Foley,
    Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab
    "There's More to Computing than Computer Science"
  • 2/19/1998
    Jeannette Wing,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Formal Methods: Past, Present and Future"
  • 11/13/1997
    Forest Baskett,
    Silicon Graphics
    "Scalable Computer System Architecture"
  • 11/6/1997
    Christos Papadimitriou,
    "Computational Aspects of Organizational Theory"
  • 10/19/1997
    Dave Patterson,
    "Intelligent RAM (IRAM)"
  • 10/24/1996
    Randy Bryant,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Multipliers and Dividers:Insights on Arithemetic Circuit Verification"
  • 10/17/1996
    Randall Davis,
    "IP Meets IT: The Problems and Opportunities of Intellectual Property in the Information Age"
  • 10/10/1996
    Bob Sproull,
    Sun Microsystems Labs
    "Tradeoffs in a Graphics System Design"
  • 10/3/1996
    Paul Hudak,
    Yale University
    "An Algebraic Approach to Multimedia Programming"
  • 10/26/1995
    Shafi Goldwasser,
    "On the Theory and Applications of Probabilistically Verifiable Proofs"
  • 10/19/1995
    Donald Norman,
    Apple Computer
    "Trends in the Computer Industry: Life-Long Subscriptions, Magical Cures, and the Search for Profits Along the Information Highway"
  • 10/12/1995
    Vinton Cerf,
    MCI Data & Information Center
    "Harvesting the Internet Windfall"
  • 10/5/1995
    James Allen,
    University of Rochester
    "Conversational Planning Agents"
  • 5/11/1995
    Maria Klawe,
    University of British Columbia
    "Electronic Games and Interactive Multi-Media: A Power-Up for Math and Science Education?"
  • 5/4/1995
    Nils Nilsson,
    Stanford University
    "Artifical Intelligence: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?"
  • 4/27/1995
    Ed Catmull,
    "The Problems of Lighting in Computer Graphics"
  • 4/20/1995
    David Johnson,
    Bell Laboratories
    "The Traveling Salesman Problem"
  • 1/27/1994
    Fred Brooks,
    UNC-Chapel Hill
    "Is There Any Real Virtue in Virtual Reality?"
  • 10/28/1993
    Sue Graham,
    "Language-Based Interactive Environments"
  • 10/21/1993
    Takeo Kanade,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Autonomous Robots"
  • 10/14/1993
    David DeWitt,
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    "Parallel Database Systems: The Future of High Performance Database Processing"
  • 4/29/1993
    Eric Lander,
    "Mapping the Human Genome: Biological and Computational Challenges"
  • 10/29/1992
    John Hennessy,
    Stanford University
    "Scalable Shared-Memory Multiprocessors and the DASH Approach"
  • 10/22/1992
    Rodney Brooks,
    "Intelligence as an Emergent Phenomenon"
  • 10/1/1992
    Leonard Kleinrock,
    "Issues in Gigabit Networks"
  • 10/24/1991
    Manuel Blum,
    "Designing Programs to Check Their Work"
  • 10/17/1991
    Barbara Grosz,
    Harvard University
    "Collaborative Planning for Cooperative Human-Computer Communication and Problem-Solving"
  • 10/10/1991
    Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli,
    "Computer-Aided Design of Electronic Systems: The Playground of the Renaissance Man of the 1990s"
  • 10/3/1991
    Jack Dongarra,
    University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    "A Look at the Evolution of Software for Numerical Linear Algebra"
  • 10/25/1990
    Barbara Liskov,
    "Uses of Synchronized Clocks in Distributed Systems"
  • 10/18/1990
    Andries van Dam,
    Brown University
    "Electronic Books: User-Controlled Animation in a Hypermedia Framework"
  • 10/11/1990
    Nancy Lynch,
    "Some New Results in the Theory of Real-Time Computing"
  • 10/4/1990
    Ken Kennedy,
    Rice University
    "Compiling for High Performance on the Intel Touchstone"
  • 11/2/1989
    Tad Pinkerton,
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    "What's Enough Computing"
  • 10/26/1989
    Ralph Griswold,
    University of Arizona
    "The Icon Programming Language"
  • 10/19/1989
    Nico Habermann,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Computer Science: Science, Engineering or Management?"
  • 10/12/1989
    David Benson,
    Washington State University
    "Why Computer Science is Harder than Physics"
  • 10/5/1989
    W. Kahan,
    "Floating-Point Exception Handling"
  • 11/9/1988
    Ivan Sutherland,
    Sutherland, Sproull and Associates
    "Asynchronous Systems"
  • 11/3/1988
    Tom Mitchell,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Can We Build Learning Robots?"
  • 10/20/1988
    "Can Dataflow Subsume von Neumann Computing?"
  • 10/6/1988
    Leslie Lamport,
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    "Everything You Need to Know to Reason About Concurrent Programs But No One Ever Told You Because It's So Simple"
  • 10/29/1987
    Jeffrey Ullman,
    Stanford University
    "Object-Oriented Databases: Hot New Idea, or Blast from the Past?"
  • 10/22/1987
    William Gates,
    Microsoft Corporation
    "Further Computing the Direction of Microsoft"
  • 10/15/1987
    Alfred Aho,
    "Little Languages"
  • 10/8/1987
    Michael Duff,
    University College London
    "Image Processing Computers -- The Way Ahead?"
  • 10/1/1987
    Robert Balzer,
    "Living in the Next Generation Operating System"
  • 10/30/1986
    Michael Stonebraker,
    "The Design of Postgres"
  • 10/23/1986
    C.A.R. Hoare,
    Oxford University
    "Formal Methods of Software Development"
  • 10/16/1986
    Charles Thacker,
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    "Firefly: A Multiprocessor Workstation"
  • 10/9/1986
    Michael Fischer,
    Yale University
    "Trends in the Theory of Distributed Computing"
  • 10/31/1985
    Richard Karp,
    "The Complexity of Parallel Computation"
  • 10/24/1985
    Jack Schwartz,
    New York University
    "Algorithms for Shape Recognition in 2 and 3 Dimensions, and Their Implementation in Neural Nets"
  • 10/17/1985
    William Wulf,
    Tartan Laboratories
    "Capital Intensive Software Development"
  • 10/10/1985
    Mani Chandy,
    University of Texas
    "How Processes Learn: A Paradigm for Distributed Algorithms"
  • 10/25/1984
    Kenneth Batcher,
    Goodyear Aerospace Corporation
    "Parallel Processors and Communications"
  • 10/18/1984
    Raj Reddy,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics"
  • 10/11/1984
    Michael Rabin,
    Harvard University and Hebrew University
    "Concurrency Control and Synchronization Through Randomness"
  • 10/4/1984
    David Gries,
    Cornell University
    "Another Look at 'Abstract Data Types' in Terms of Practical Programming"
  • 10/27/1983
    Herman Goldstine,
    Institute for Advanced Study
    "A History of the Computer"
  • 10/20/1983
    Stephen Cook,
    University of Toronto
    "The Theory of Parallel Computation"
  • 10/13/1983
    Marvin Minsky,
    "Artificial Intelligence and Common Sense"
  • 10/6/1983
    E.B. Eichelberger,
    "VLSI Design for Testability"
  • 10/28/1982
    Shmuel Winograd,
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    "On the Complexity of Matrix Operations"
  • 10/21/1982
    Jim Gray,
    Tandem Computers
    "The Transaction Concept -- Virtues and Limitations"
  • 10/14/1982
    Carlo Sequin,
    "VLSI Multiprocessor Networks"
  • 10/7/1982
    Ronald Rivest,
    "Cryptography: Deciphering the Recent Results"
  • 2/18/1982
    David Kuck,
    University of Illinois
    "Compilers and Architectures for High Speed Computers"
  • 2/4/1982
    Alan Kay,
    "Is There Programming After Smalltalk?"
  • 1/28/1982
    Robert Tarjan,
    Bell Laboratories
    "Complexity of Combinatorial Algorithms"
  • 1/21/1982
    James Browne,
    University of Texas
    "A Paradigm for the Formulation of Parallel Programs"
  • 1/14/1982
    Edward McCreight,
    Xerox PARC
    "A View of ADA from Mesa-Land"