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Classroom Presenter - Interaction in Distance Learning, Spring 2008 YouTube

This is a distance learning course between thress classroom sites: the University of Washington in Seattle, the Microsoft campus in Redmond, and Lahore University of Management Science in Pakistan. Conference XP was used for real-time video conferencing between the sites, and Classroom Presenter was used on tablet PC's and laptops to allow students to contribute their ideas to the classroom discussion.

Classroom Presenter, 2005 Windows Media- High Windows Media- Low

Classroom Presenter provides instructors with increased flexibility in delivering a presentation and facilitates interaction with the students in the classroom. Classroom Presenter has been used in a range of scenarios including distance education and in-class instruction

KOMO 4 News Features CSE Student Projects, 2001 Windows Media- High Windows Media- Low

A compilation of segments from KOMO 4 News featuring CSE student projects in computer animation, digital system design, and mobile robotics.

Build the Future: UW Computer Science & Engineering, 1999 Windows Media

An overview of the UW Department of Computer Science & Engineering, featuring student projects and interviews with regional technology and education leaders. UW CSE is embarking on an ambitious fund-raising effort to construct a new facility, as the University of Washington's top capital priority.

CSE Football Promo, 1998 Windows Media

In a disgustingly brazen piece of self-promotion, we prepared a promo piece to be shown on the new video scoreboard at the University of Washington's Husky Stadium.

Partnership between UW and the Seattle Public Schools, 1997 Windows Media

The Alliance for Education presented the University of Washington with its 1997 "A+ Partnership Award" for Outstanding Contributions to the Seattle Public Schools. Special recognition went to Ed Lazowska of the UW Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Steve Corbato, Scott Mah, and Bill Mar of the UW Office of Computing & Communications, for their work in designing and implementing a metropolitan-area network for the Seattle School District. This video was prepared by KOMO TV and shown at the awards ceremony.