In 1997....

"Mentor Graphics Establishes Co-Design Research Consortium To Develop EDA Technology For Beyond The Year 2000" (November 1997)

Mentor Graphics has formed a research consortium with Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Washington, and Germany's University of Tubingen.

"Excite, Inc., Announces Acquisition of Netbot, Inc." (October 1997)

Excite, Inc., has acquired UW CSE spinoff Netbot, Inc., for $35M. Excite already owns UW's WebCrawler technology, the original Internet web indexing service.

CSE Launches Entrepreneurship Lecture Series (September 1997)

A year-long evening lecture series featuring CEOs from high-tech startups, co-sponsored by CSE, Molecular Biotechnology, the Program on Entrepreneurship of the Business School, WSDMA, WBBA, and AEA.

"Trilogy's Class of '97" (September 1997)

The Austin (TX) American-Statesman profiles new Trilogy Development Group employee Samy Aboel-Nil, 1997 UW Computer engineering graduate.

Major support from Intel Corporation (August 1997)

Intel has continued its strong support of the University of Washington with a $5.9 million award from Intel's "Technology for Education 2000" program. The campus-wide award builds on a long-standing close relationship between Intel and UW's departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Major support from Microsoft Corporation (August 1997)

Microsoft Corporation continues to work with UW CSE on a variety of initiatives in research, education, and infrastructure.

"Java Bug Patrol Tests Whether Anything Is Safe" (July 1997)

New York Times article on Java security, featuring UW's Kimera project.

UW/Microsoft Summer Research Institute in Data Mining (July 1997)

KIRO TV covers the UW/Microsoft Summer Research Institute in Data Mining.

UW CSE Alum Rik Littlefield wins Discover Magazine 1997 Award for Technological Innovation (July 1997)

Littlefield, a UW CSE alumnus now working at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, received the top award in the "Computer Hardware & Electronics" category for the design and implementation of a portable ultrasound system.

Business Week ranks UW CSE 5th among academic computer science research organizations (June 1997)

In the June 23, 1997 issue, Business Week reports a survey of information technology researchers that ranks UW CSE 5th among academic computer science research organizations.

UW CSE Professional Masters Program advertisement (June 1997)

Appeared in the Seattle Times and Seattle PI.

"Bagging a bargain with a cyber helper" (June 1997)

MSNBC reports on Jango, from UW spinoff Netbot, Inc.

Dick Karp receives Centennial Medal from Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (June 1997)

On June 4, in a ceremony at Harvard University, UW CSE Professor Dick Karp was one of four recipients of the Centennial Medal of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The medal has been awarded annually since 1989, "For contributions to society that have emerged from their graduate education at Harvard."

Other recipients this year were chemist Stuart Alan Rice, economist Henry Rosovsky, and romance languages scholar and Smith College president Ruth Jean Simmons.

"Roboshop" (June 1997)

The Economist praises Jango, the intelligent Internet shopping agent from UW spinoff Netbot, Inc.

"Surfing for sales: Software robot uses UW technology to ease online shopping" (June 1997)

UW press release concerning Jango, from UW spinoff Netbot, Inc.

UW system helps improve Java security on Microsoft, Sun web browsers (May 1997)

A UW CSE team has developed an alternative security architecture for Java. The work includes the implementation of a secure Java verifier, and an automatic testing methodology that covers a large number of security attacks. Application of the UW test suite against commercial Java implementations has exposed a number of security holes, weaknesses, and ambiguities in commercial Java verifiers.

University Week article

UW wins Alliance for Education "A+ Partnership Award" for Outstanding Contributions to the Seattle Public Schools (May 1997)

On May 21, the Alliance for Education presented its 1997 "A+ Partnership Award" for Outstanding Contributions to the Seattle Public Schools to the University of Washington. Special recognition went to Ed Lazowska of the UW Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Steve Corbato, Scott Mah, and Bill Mar of the UW Office of Computing & Communications, for their work in designing and implementing a metropolitan-area network for the Seattle School District.

Fish Shtick screened at Seattle International Film Festival (May 1997)

Fish Shtick, the animated short produced by teams of undergraduates from Art and Computer Science & Engineering in Associate Professor David Salesin's "Computer Animation" course last spring, was accepted for screening at the Seattle International Film Festival.

David Salesin receives 1997 University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award (May 1997)

CSE Associate Professor David Salesin has been selected as one of four recipients of the 1997 University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award.See the University Week article here

"Undergraduate Digital System Design" and "Undergraduate Computer Animation" videos receive "Bronze Telly" awards (May 1997)

UWTV has received Bronze Telly awards (finalist status), competing nationally with 9000+ other videos, for the videos "Undergraduate Digital System Design," featuring three undergraduate projects from last spring's CSE Computer Engineering capstone design course, and "Undergraduate Computer Animation," describing last spring's CSE Computer Animation course taught to teams of students from Art and Computer Science & Engineering. UWTV received a third Bronze Telly in this year's competition, for Episode 4 of the Internet Roadside Cafe, "History of the Internet."

"Netbot shops the Internet's myriad malls" (March 1997)

Puget Sound Business Journal article on UW startup Netbot and the debut of their Jango online shopping robot.

"New twist on shopping: A computer that does the legwork" (March 1997)

Seattle Times "Personal Technology" columnist Paul Andrews features UW startup Netbot's debut at Esther Dyson's PC Forum in Tucson.

UW places second out of 1000+ in ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (March 1997)

A team of 3 UW CSE students finished a close second to Harvey Mudd. Other top-10 teams, in order: University of Queensland (Australia), National Taiwan University, University of Waterloo (Canada), Umea University (Sweden), Comenius University (Bratislava), St. Petersberg State University, MIT, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology. (UW Daily article.)

Governor Gary Locke visits UW CSE (February 1997)

Seattle PI front-page photograph of Governor Gary Locke's February 27 visit to the University of Washington, spent visiting with undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

UW Daily article about the visit, including photograph of Computer Science senior undergraduate Mel Eriksen showing Governor Locke online materials for CSE 142.

University Week photograph of Computer Engineering senior undergraduate Greg DeFouw showing Governor Locke the 4-legged walking robot he built in CSE 477.

"High-tech growth spurt is fueled by UW research" (February 1997)

Seattle PI article on the economic impact of UW research, featuring UW CSE.

"'Independent Agents' Prove Useful as Internet Expands" (February 1997)

NY Times article including information on UW CSE AI "Shopbot" research.

"UW Program to Teach Tech Proffesionals" (January 1997)

UW Daily article concerning UW CSE Professional Masters Program.