In 2000....

UW CSE graduate Emma Brunskill among 32 new Rhodes Scholars (December 2000)

Emma Brunskill, a June 2000 Computer Engineering graduate currently enrolled as an EECS doctoral student at MIT, was named on December 9 as one of 32 2001 Rhodes Scholars. As an undergraduate, Emma was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, selected as a Goldwater Scholar, and honored as a University of Washington Undergraduate Scholar (twice), an Anderson Scholar (for the top student in Physics), and a Mary Gates Scholar. During her senior year she was selected as the national runner-up in the Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate competition, graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Engineering and in Physics, and was named a Presidential Scholar by MIT.

Seattle Times, Rhodes Scholarship Trust.

Followup article: Seattle Times.

Kevin Zatloukal, Matt Rosencrantz, Steve Zhang honored by Computing Research Association (December 2000)

Three UW CSE seniors were honored by the Computing Research Association in the 2001 Outstanding Undergraduate Award competition. Kevin Zatloukal was named as one of two national winners -- as the Outstanding Male Undergraduate in the nation. (An outstanding female, and two runners-up, also were named.) Matt Rosencrantz and Steve Zhang were among 27 students from across the nation who received Honorable Mention. UW was the only university with three students recognized.

Madrona Venture Group features UW CSE startups (November 2000)

Madrona's November investor update focuses on four startups, each of which is a UW CSE spinoff.

Consystant Design Technologies presents 60,000 shares to UW CSE (November 2000)

On November 20, Consystant Design Technogies, founded by UW CSE Ph.D. graduates Ken Hines and Ross Ortega, presented 60,000 shares of stock to UW CSE as an investment in the future of the department.

"Web watchdog sniffs out sneak attacks" (November 2000)

The Seattle Times profiles UW CSE startup Asta Networks. Asta -- founded by CSE professors Tom Anderson, Dan Weld, and David Wetherall and CSE Ph.D. student Stefan Savage -- detects and blocks network attacks.

UW CSE spinoff Performant funded (November 2000)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on the progress of Performant, co-founded by UW CSE graduate students Ashutosh Tiwary and Przemyslaw Pardyak, along with faculty member Hank Levy.

"Capitalism via campus connection" (October 2000)

Seattle Times "Inside Technology" column discusses UW CSE startups and technologies, including Nimble Technology, Asta Networks, Webcrawler, and Metacrawler.

CSE Professor Alon Levy honored with Presidential Early Career Award (October 2000)

Alon Levy was honored by President Bill Clinton at a White House ceremony on October 24 as one of 59 recipients of the Presidential Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the nation's highest honor for young faculty members. (University Week article.)

"Education is the key to high-tech success" (September 2000)

Seattle Times op-ed by UW CSE Chair Ed Lazowska, in connection with the Governor's High-Tech Workforce Summit held on September 29. Transparencies derived from this, in html format, here.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer profiles UW CSE startup Impinj (September 2000)

Impinj, described as an "adaptive communications company," was founded in Seattle by UW CSE Professor Chris Diorio and his Caltech thesis advisor Carver Mead. Impinj is one of many UW CSE startups funded by Arch Venture Partners and Madrona Venture Group.

"Seeing the Value in the Social Impact of Design" (September 2000)

The Los Angeles Times reports on the Workshop on Value-Centered Design, held at the University of Washington and co-organized by Alan Borning from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Batya Freidman from the Information School.

"Investors back attack on hackers" (August 2000)

The Seattle Post-Intellgencer features Asta Networks, a company formed by faculty members Tom Anderson, David Wetherall, and Dan Weld, along with graduate student Stefan Savage. Asta is developing technology to prevent denial-of-service attacks.

MOSAIC 2000 (July 2000)

MOSAIC 2000, the Millennial Open Symposium on the Arts and Interdisciplinary Computing, is co-sponsored by the UW Animation Research Labs, Microsoft Research, and Pixar Animation Studios. ARL web page here.

Craig Kaplan named Grand Prize Winner in 2000 ACM/IBM Quest for Java contest (July 2000)

Craig's winning applet, Taprats, lets you create Islamic interlaced designs. The ACM/IBM Quest for Java contest recognizes non-game Java applets programmed by ACM student members from throughout the world.

David Salesin receives SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award (July 2000)

ACM SIGGRAPH is presenting the first of this century's Computer Graphics Achievement Awards to UW CSE professor David Salesin for pioneering the field of non-photorealistic rendering and introducing it to the SIGGRAPH community. Salesin will receive his award at SIGGRAPH 2000, 23-38 July 2000, in New Orleans. "Salesin's work on computer-generated pen and ink illustrations and subsequently computer-generated watercolors are considered landmarks in this emerging field," said SIGGRAPH Award Chair Ed Catmull. (University Week article here; Microsoft PressPass article here.)

Ed Lazowska named to Bill & Melinda Gates Endowed Chair in Computer Science (July 2000)

UW CSE Chair Ed Lazowska has been named to the first Bill & Melinda Gates Endowed Chair in Computer Science. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation endowed two chairs in CSE with a $3 million gift in October 1999.

"Academics, tech advisers returning to VC ranks" (June 2000)

The Seattle PI features UW CSE Professor Oren Etzioni's work with Madrona Venture Group.

"An Electronic Circuit That Draws Its Inspiration From Life" (June 2000)

New York Times article on neurally-inspired computing, featuring interviews with UW CSE Professors Chris Diorio and Raj Rao.

"Student teams get serious about creating video games" (May 2000)

Seattle PI profiles CSE 481, "Capstone Software System Design". "I have no explanation for how they've done what they've been doing," [instructor John Zahorjan said, speaking of course participants from Seattle's Marshall High School]. "You'd think they'd been doing it for years ... "When you set them loose to do what they want to do, they do more than you'd expect."

David Notkin named 2000 UW Distinguished Graduate Mentor (May 2000)

University Week profiles UW CSE Professor David Notkin, who will receive the 2000 University of Washington Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award at commencement.

" raises $20 million" (May 2000)

The Seattle PI reports on UW CSE startup's activities and successful next venture round.

"Grant to aid home-grown tech training" (May 2000)

The Seattle Times reports on a $1.5 million federal grant through which UW CSE and UW Educational Outreach will develop statewide online/evening IT education programs.

New York Times features Gaetano Borriello's work in embedded computing (May 2000)

UW CSE Professor Gaetano Borriello is interviewed in The New York Times regarding his research in embedded computing--task-specific computing devices that can be networked and optimized in a way that makes them virtually invisible. 

"Dynamic diva -- Anna Karlin, UW professor and rockin' woman" (April 2000)

Hey, we don't make up the headlines, we just plant the stories. The UW Daily profiles UW CSE Professor Anna Karlin.

UW CSE team finishes 11th in World Finals of ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (April 2000)

From an initial field of 2,400 3-person teams, UW's "Purple Team" -- Computer Science junior Mike Vargas, Computer Engineering sophomore Justin Huff, and CSE graduate student Brett Allen -- advanced to the World Finals, where they placed 11th! It was truly an international competition, with only four U.S. teams finishing in the top 17. Caltech finished 9th, and UW tied with CMU and the University of Central Florida for 11th -- besting other Worlds qualifiers such as MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, Harvard, and UCSD.

Chronicle of Higher Education features Snyder's FITness course (March 2000)

UW CSE Professor Larry Snyder is interviewed in the Chronicle of Higher Education regarding his National Research Council study on "Fluency in Information Technology," and his first-nationally UW course on the subject.

Brian Curless, Chris Diorio win Sloan Research Fellowships (February 2000)

UW CSE Assistant Professors Brian Curless and Chris Diorio have just been announced as winners of Sloan Research Fellowships in computer science, joining Tom Anderson, Alon Levy, and David Salesin as UW CSE Sloan recipients.

Emma Brunskill and Adnan Sulejmanpasic recognized by CRA (January 2000)

UW CSE undergraduates Emma Brunskill and Adnan Sulejmanpasic were among 23 students from North America recognized in the Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate Award competitition for 2000.

"Programmed to win" (January 2000)

UW Daily profiles UW CSE's ACM Collegiate Programming Contest team, which has earned the right to compete in the international finals in Orlando FL in March. Team members include Computer Science junior Mike Vargas, Computer Engineering sophomore Justin Huff, and graduate student Brett Allen.