In 2001....

CSE undergraduates Sara Su, Shirley Gaw honored by CRA (December 2001)

CSE undergraduates Sara Su and Shirley Gaw have been honored in the Computing Research Association's2002 Outstanding Undergraduate Award competition. Sara was selected as Runner Up for the female award. Shirley received Honorable Mention.

In the 2001 competition, CSE's Kevin Zatloukal was selected as the nation's outstanding male undergraduate, and CSE's Matt Rosencrantz and Steve Zhang received Honorable Mention.

In the 2000 competition, CSE's Emma Brunskill (subsequent winner of a Rhodes Scholarship) was selected as Runner Up for the female award, and CSE's Adnan Sulejmanpasic received Honorable Mention.

"Labscape" project featured by Pacific Northwest GigaPoP (December 2001)

"Our hope and expectation is that the next generation of biologists, which is in high school now, will really embrace this type of tool. By the time these students enter university, using tools like Labscape will be second nature to them."

C|net profiles UW CSE startup Performant (November 2001)

"'Mike Metzger, Ashutosh Tiwary and the Performant team have done an exceptional job in achieving milestones and delivering their first product according to plan,' said Matt McIlwain, venture partner, Madrona Venture Group."

Hank Levy named Fellow of IEEE (November 2001)

UW CSE Professor Hank Levy has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Levy, Microsoft Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, was previously named a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

CSE alumnus Anne Condon named Distinguished Alumnus at University College Cork (November 2001)

Anne Condon, '87 doctorate recipient from CSE, was recently named a Distinguished Alumnus at University College Cork, her undergraduate institution. Condon, a professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, has received tremendous recognition for her work in DNA computing. The Economist recently saluted her and her research team for having taken “DNA computing from the free-floating world of the test-tube and anchoring it securely to a surface of glass and gold."

Ed Lazowska named Fellow of AAAS (November 2001)

UW CSE Professor Ed Lazowska is among 288 scientists (three from UW) to be named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS announced last week. Lazowska is also a Fellow of the ACM, a Fellow of the IEEE, and a Member of the National Academy of Engineering.

UW CSE tops National Doctoral Program Survey (October 2001)

UW Computer Science & Engineering was rated #1 among doctoral programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering in the National Doctoral Program Survey. In the survey, funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, current and recent doctoral students were asked to report on their experience in graduate school, and to assess their programs' implementation of educational practices recommended by the National Academies, the Association of American Universities, and others. "Note: This is an observational study, not a controlled experiment."

Red Herring profiles UW CSE startup Impinj (October 2001)

"[Carver] Mead and a former student of his, Chris Diorio, a researcher at the University of Washington, cofounded Impinj, a Seattle-based communications chip startup that promises to turn the market for mixed-signal chips (combining analog and digital) on its head."

Technology Review profiles Intel's new "research lablets" adjacent to UW, Berkeley, and CMU (October 2001)

"It's not unusual for companies to establish research labs adjacent to major universities," says Ed Lazowska, chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, near where the first lablet started this July. "What's special, though, is intimate collaboration with the neighboring university. We're going to have several dozen new researchers located adjacent to our campus, whose mission is to collaborate with us."

Technology Review profiles UW CSE startup Impinj (September 2001)

"Imagine a cell phone that never runs out of juice and delivers crystal-clear reception, or an inexpensive handheld computer that can get loads of information off the Web without running out of memory. Don't start queuing up yet, but the radically new microchips that could make such devices possible are being pieced together even as you read this magazine. And for one of the most intriguing approaches to making such advanced chips, look no further than Seattle's Impinj."


David Notkin named to succeed Ed Lazowska as chair of CSE (August 2001)

Dean of Engineering Denice D. Denton has named Professor David Notkin as CSE's 7th chair, effective September 1, 2001.

Lazowska, CRA file in Felten et al. v. RIAA et al. (August 2001)

"The Computing Research Association believes that the action by RIAA et al. represents a clear and immediate threat to the healthy conduct of computer systems research. Much of computer systems research involves the analysis of existing systems to reveal their shortcomings, and the publication of these analyses, which stimulates the invention of improvements. This pattern of research is no less viable -- no less essential -- when the system under consideration is one that is used to protect copyrighted works."

Microsoft gives $7.2 million for CSE Building (August 2001)

"To Microsoft, it's vital that the UW continues to be an engine for technology innovation and a catalyst for economic development throughout the region. That's what this announcement is about." Construction on the CSE Building will commence in October; see further project information here. (Seattle Times; see also University Week.

SoccerDawgs (August 2001)

UW CSE's SoccerDawgs compete in the RoboCup 2001 competition -- robot soccer played by teams of Sony Aibo dogs.

In a Virtual Maze, Men Are Smart Rats" (June 2001)

The New York Times profiles the research of Earl Hunt -- UW Professor of Psychology, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, and a member of the group of faculty that founded UW CSE in the 1960's. Hunt's research, with graduate student Maryam Allahyar, finds that virtual environments exaggerate male-female differences in orientational ability.

Intel Research opens new lab at the University of Washington (June 2001)

Intel Corporation today announced it is establishing an Intel Research laboratory at the University of Washington, where Intel and UW researchers will collaborate on the development of new technologies and usage models for future ubiquitous computing environments. The Intel Research lab will provide facilities for 25 to 30 Intel scientists, university faculty and students, and visiting researchers. The lab will be headed by Dr. Gaetano Borriello, a faculty member of the University's Department of Computer Science & Engineering since 1988. Borriello's expertise has been in investigating the potential for intelligent devices to augment human endeavors, what he calls "invisible computing." He will take a two-year leave from UW to work for Intel as the lab's director. (Puget Sound Business Journal here.)

Chris Diorio wins 2001 University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award (May 2001)

CSE Assistant Professor Chris Diorio has received a 2001 University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award. Chris joins Gaetano Borriello, Carl Ebeling, and David Salesin as recent Distinguished Teaching Award winners; in addition, David Notkin received the 2000 Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award, and the department received the inaugural Brotman Award for Instructional Excellence in 1999. (See Columns article here.)

CSE-led team wins 2001 UW Business Plan Competition (May 2001)

Ensemble Networks beat 41 other teams to win the Grand Prize (and $40,000 in seed funding) in the 2001 University of Washington Business Plan Competition. Graduate student Chris Thompson was the technical member of the team, which also included MBA students Jason Demeny and Larry Walters, and UW economics alumnus Josh Hutto.

The Gray Cary "Best Technology" prize was awarded to the Grapevine Software team: CSE undergraduates Max Noy and Jing Su, and MBA students Matt Boose, Eddie Chung, and Geroge Donegan. Grapevine Software was derived from a course project in Gaetano Borriello's Winter Quarter "Embedded Systems" capstone design course, CSE 476.

"Inventing the future" and "Ivory tower innovators" (April 2001)

The Puget Sound Business Journal chronicles University of Washington entrepreneurship (highlighting CSE professors Oren Etzioni and Dan Weld), and profiles UW CSE chair Ed Lazowska.

UW CSE's "Simultaneous MultiThreading" featured in The Economist (April 2001)

Simultaneous MultiThreading, invented by UW CSE Professors Susan Eggers and Hank Levy and their graduate student Dean Tullsen, offers dramatic improvements in scalar processor performance. SMT processors will be introduced by Compaq and others in the near future.

Jerre Noe and ERMA team honored by SRI (March 2001)

UW CSE's first chair Jerre Noe and his ERMA team have been honored by SRI with the Weldon B. Gibson Achievement Award. Jerre -- then SRI's Assistant Director of Engineering -- led the technical team that first computerized banking in the 1950s for Bank of America. Read the fascinating history of the ERMA project here -- "ERMA instantly revolutionized the world banking system and made checking accounts practical and reliable. In addition, it was an engineering achievement of great consequence."

"Creating something from nothing" (March 2001)

Puget Sound Business Journal profiles UW CSE professor Dan Weld.

"UW student earns top honor for computer research" (March 2001)

"He has yet to earn his bachelor's degree, but already has a patent. Now, UW senior Kevin Zatloukal's research in data compression and caching has earned him the Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate award." A Seattle Times article noting CRA's recognition of Kevin, along with UW CSE classmates Matt Rosencrantz, Steve Zhang, Emma Brunskill, and Adnan Sulejmanpasic. Kevin was recognized at the ACM1 Awards Banquet in San Jose on March 11.

"And the Oscar goes to ..." (March 2001)

UW CSE alumnus Loren Carpenter shares the first Oscar of the millenium, and the first Oscar ever given to computer science, with RenderMan co-inventors and Pixar co-principals Ed Catmull and Rob Cook. (Above article from Spectrum. See article from San Francisco Chronicle here.)

Sieg Hall still standing (March 2001)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports on the aftermath of the earthquake. (Subheading "At the University of Washington," halfway down.)

KUOW (Seattle NPR): "High Tech Entrepreneurship" (February 2001)

Madrona Venture Group managing director Greg Gottesman and UW CSE professors Chris Diorio and Oren Etzioni are interviewed by Steve Scher on KUOW's "Weekday."

NPR's Talk of the Nation, live in Seattle: "The Information Age: How it's shaping human history" (February 2001)

Host Juan Williams interviews UW CSE chair Ed Lazowska, RealNetworks founder and CEO Rob Glaser, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, and technology writer Ellen Ullman. (47:20, RealMedia)

(Second segment, "Could technology change what it means to be human?," features UW professor and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center director Lee Hartwell, Microsoft Sr. VP for Research Rick Rashid, and science fiction writer Greg Bear.)

Ed Lazowska elected to National Academy of Engineering (February 2001)

UW CSE chair Ed Lazowska has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering "for leadership and contributions to computer performance evaluation and distributed systems." Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded an engineer. ( University Week article).

KUOW (Seattle NPR): "The Future of Computing" (February 2001)

MIT Laboratory for Computer Science director Michael Dertouzos and UW CSE chair Ed Lazowska are interviewed by Steve Scher on KUOW's "Weekday."

"Spreading the boom" (pdf) (January 2001)

Tacoma News Tribune op-ed by UW CSE chair Ed Lazowska. (Pdf format is article as it appeared in the News Tribune.)

Bill Baxter donates 100,000 shares of BSQUARE to UW CSE (January 2001)

Bill Baxter -- founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of BSQUARE Corporation -- has donated 100,000 shares of BSQUARE stock to UW CSE. BSQUARE is the world leader in delivering innovative software proudcts, services, and turnkey design solutions for intelligent computing devices. "I truly understand the significant role the University of Washington's Department of Computer Science & Engineering plays in helping Washington State maintain its technology leadership," said Baxter in making the donation. "This contribution demonstrates my appreciation for the hard work and dedication the department displays in producing the talented people we hire at BSQUARE."