Students in the Allen School's augmented and virtual reality capstone courseThe Paul G. Allen School offers an unbeatable combination of outstanding students, exciting classes, and world-class faculty in a vibrant and welcoming academic community committed to excellence and diversity. Our faculty are internationally renowned researchers, but they are committed first and foremost to teaching and mentoring our undergraduate students throughout their college experience. Our students also benefit from many collaborations that we have developed across the campus and with industry-leading companies in our region.

We offer a rigorous and engaging curriculum that prepares our students for successful careers in industry, academia, and public service, delivered in a welcoming and inclusive environment. The Allen School has been nationally recognized for our commitment to increasing diversity in computing.

Program Overview

The Allen School offers two undergraduate majors: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, awarded through the College of Engineering. Regardless of which degree path they choose, our undergraduates have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and graduate students on high-impact research; participate in industry events and collaborations; tackle complex design and implementation projects with their fellow students in our capstone courses; and tailor the curriculum to meet their interests and career goals. Learn more about what sets an Allen School education apart.


The Allen School is a great place to study, but like many UW programs, we have limited space and a high number of interested students. In fact, CSE is the #1 preferred major by confirmed incoming freshmen. Most of our undergraduate majors apply through Regular Admissions, after completing about one year of prerequisites at the UW. The Allen School admits between 25% and 33% of UW students who apply via this route. We also offer High School Direct, Transfer, and Non-Traditional admissions pathways. Visit our Admissions section for more detailed information on the various pathways into the major, application instructions, and how the review process works.

Courses & Registration

Computing is a rapidly expanding and evolving field, and a degree in computer science or computer engineering will open up an amazing breadth of opportunities. We provide flexibility in our degree requirements and variety in our course offerings to enable students to craft a program that they will find most useful and enjoyable, while gaining a solid foundation of general subject knowledge and technical skills. Our online course guide offers comprehensive information on the CS and CE degree requirements, potential course pathways, the registration process, and a complete list of courses available to majors and non-majors through the Allen School.

Policies & Procedures

Our Policies & Procedures section contains important information about school expectations and student obligations with regard to achieving satisfactory progress in the major, applying for school honors, instances of academic misconduct, protecting student privacy, and applying to graduate.

Undergraduate Enrichment

The Allen School offers a variety of exciting, and sometimes challenging, opportunities for undergraduate students to enhance their educational experience. Our majors have the option to collaborate on innovative, student-led projects as part of our capstone courses; share their knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow students by serving as teaching assistants (TAs); engage in faculty-supervised research; expand their personal and academic horizons by studying abroad; and explore career options while gaining invaluable experience through internships with our industry partners.

Student Resources

Learn more about the resources and programs available to Allen Students to help them succeed in their studies and beyond, including technology, scholarships and recognition, and career advice.


The Allen School's team of undergraduate advisers are here to guide prospective and current students as they navigate the application and registration process and tailor their Allen School experience to their education and career goals.

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