Course Title: 
Network Systems
Course Brief Description: 

This class is intended for those interested in the design, deployment, and operation of enterprise intranets or wide-area networks based on Internet technology. The goal is to identify and analyze the choices confronting practitioners responsible for enterprise or service provider networks.

Fundamental concepts are combined with discussions of current trends, choices, and challenges. Emphasis is on the evaluation of design/operations alternatives and a review of unsolved problems.

Things this class is not:
It is not a tutorial on network fundamentals.
It is not a protocol design class.
It is not a communication device design class.
It is not a network programming class.
It is not a network modeling/analysis class.

You must have had an advanced undergrad (or graduate) operating systems and/or networking class. Moreover, we assume that if you are not familiar with networking fundamentals, you will remedy this as soon as possible by reading introductory chapters of the text or other reference books.

Instructor Name: 
Terry Gray & Steve Corbato
Course Number: 
CSE 588
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