The Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering offers many ways for K-12 students to learn about CS. Our Ambassadors (current students) lead tours, research demos, workshops, and visit local schools and community organizations. Our DawgBytes summer camps and programs for K-12 teachers offer more in-depth experience with CS.

Computer science is an exciting field for people of all skills and interests. To create the best new technology and to solve the world's most important problems, computer science needs people from all backgrounds. We work hard to make everyone has access to CS. Read about our activities here. Read our annual activity reports: 2017-2018, 2016-2017, 2015-2016, 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2012-2013, 2011-2012 .  To contact us, please e-mail outreach@cs.washington.eduFind pictures on the DawgBytes Facebook page

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Upcoming Events

    • Info Sessions for Prospective CS Majors
      High school and college students and their families are invited to learn more about our undergraduate program, then take a tour of our facilities. 
      Info sessions happen throughout the year: See Info Session dates and details


For K-12 students and families


Tours and class visits tours

Get inspiration with a tour from our student Ambassadors! Hundreds of K-12 students visit our department each quarter, and we send our students to schools to introduce the basics of CS. Schedule your tour or visit on our Tour Information page

UW in the High School

We work with local high school teachers through UW in the High School to support them in their efforts to teach computer science courses in their classrooms.

Summer Camps

Our 1- and 2-week summer camps introduce middle and high school students to CS through programming projects, robotics, creative design, and faculty presentations.

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing recognizes high school women with a passion for tech. We participate in the Western Washington Affiliate competition. Learn more.


AccessCSForAll focuses on the inclusion of students with disabilities by building tools and curricula which allow computer science teachers to serve those students.


Throughout the school year, we host one-day workshops to introduce students to computer science concepts, such as Scratch and Processing. To learn about upcoming workshops, subscribe to our mailing list above.

AP CS Review Day

Join us for a fun review day for students taking the AP Computer Science exam! 

CS Education Week Open House

Explore technology each December with our CS Education Week open house, featuring hands-on activities, research demos, and more!

Tech Out!

Tech Out!, organized with the Allen School, the Puget Sound CS Teachers Association, and Amazon, is a day for young women to hear stories from women in tech and participate in hands-on activities.


For K-12 Teachers



Every summer, about 50 middle and high school math and science teachers come to UW CSE to learn how to teach computing concepts to their students. Learn more.

Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association

We host and participate in monthly meetings of the Puget Sound chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association (PSCSTA). Learn more.

Inspirational Teachers Banquet 

Each year, we ask our students to nominate their favorite high school or community college instructor and invite them to join us for a banquet in their honor. Learn more.

CSE 142, Intro Programming I

Teachers may apply for tuition exemption to take our intro classes through the university's tuition exemption program, found here.


More Learning Resources

    Learn basic computer science with a suite of classroom-ready courses for different ages (even kindergarten). Lessons blend game-like tutorials with unplugged classroom activities, and short video lectures with Bill Gates, Angry Birds and more. Learn repeat-loops, conditionals, algorithms, functions, and variables.
  • Khan Academy
    Learn the basics of JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL programming and computer science concepts while creating fun drawings with your code. Do it with interactive video tutorials which let you edit the code as the video teaches you!
  • Codeacademy
    Codecademy is an interactive, student-guided introduction to the basics of CS through JavaScript and various other langauges that's used by tens of millions of students around the world. Lessons are a complete experience with accompanying quizzes, slides, and a projects for students.
  • Scratch
    With Scratch, you can create your own interactive games, stories, animations — and share them with your friends. Get started by animating your name, creating a holiday card, or making a pong game.
  • Tynker
    Tynker makes it fun and easy to learn programming in a visual way. Kids build games and mobile apps by arranging blocks of code, removing the need to know programming syntax. Kids transform ideas into animated stories and math art right away. As kids learn fundamentals, Tynker introduces more advanced concepts including syntax driven programming.
  • Codecombat
    Defeat ogres to learn Python or JavaScript in this epic programming game!