UW CSE's K-12 outreach program, DawgBytes, introduces students and teachers to the exciting world of computer science & engineering!

Computer science is an exciting field for people of all skills and interests. To create the best new technology and to solve the world's most important problems, computer science needs people from all backgrounds. We work hard to make everyone has access to CS, with programs like our K-12 Outreach. Read about our activities here. Read our annual activity reports: 2014-2015, 2013-2014, 2012-2013, 2011-2012.

To schedule a classroom visit, volunteer, or ask about our program please e-mail outreach@cs.washington.edu.

Find lots of pictures and our events calendar on the DawgBytes Facebook page.

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For K-12 students and families


Building Tours

Our undergraduate students would be happy to show your family arpund our community! Information about building tours is available on our Tour Information page.


APCS Review Day

Each year we host a review day for students taking the AP Computer Science exam. Learn more.


UW in the High School

We work with local high school teachers through UW in the High School to support them in their efforts to teach computer science courses in their classrooms. Learn more.

Class Visits

Hundreds of students visit and tour our department each quarter. In addition, we send students and faculty to local schools to introduce students to computer science. Learn more.


Throughout the school year, we host one-day workshops to introduce students to computer science concepts. To be notified of upcoming workshops, subscribe to our mailing list above.

Programming Competitions

We host programming competitions organized by PSCSTA. These allow high school students to show off their programming chops. Learn more.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps introduce middle and high school students to computer science through programming projects, magic tricks and faculty presentations. Learn more.

Computing Open House

Several computing departments on campus as well as local tech companies present hands-on activities illustrating the breadth of computing. Learn more.


The NCWIT award for aspirations in computing recognizes high school girls passionate about computing. We participate in the WA affiliate competition. Learn more.

Tech Out!

Students using sign language in class

Tech Out!, organized with PSCSTA and Amazon.com, is a day just for girls to hear stories from women in tech and participate in hands-on activities. Learn more.




AccessCS10K focuses on the inclusion of students with disabilities by building tools and curricula which allow computer science teachers to serve those students. Learn more.

CSE Videos

We have created several videos to showcase applications of CSE, overcome CSE stereotypes and share why our students and faculty have chosen the field. Learn more.


For K-12 Teachers



Every summer, about 50 middle and high school math and science teachers come to UW CSE to learn how to teach computing concepts to their students. Learn more.

Puget Sound CSTA

We host and participate in monthly meetings of the Puget Sound chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association. Learn more.

Inspirational Teachers

Each year, we ask our students to nominate their favorite high school or community college instructor and invite them to join us for a banquet in their honor. Learn more.

National Involvement

CSE faculty members publish and present to conferences including SIGCSE and CS/IT. Principal lecturer Stuart Reges is currently University Faculty Representative for CSTA.

CSE 142

Teachers may apply for tuition exemption to take our intro classes through the university's tuition exemption program, found here.



Upcoming Events

Check back for our 2017-18 calendar of Outreach events! 

Events prefixed by "PSCSTA" are organized by the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association.