To request a tour, read this page and submit the form found at the bottom. 

General Tour Information

We are happy to provide tours of the Paul G. Allen School to student groups, visiting classes, and organizations!

Families and students interested in our program should attend an Information Session, with a tour following.

Requests for individual tours may be accomodated based on availibility. 

A tour for 15-20 people takes 30-45 minutes, including time for questions. We prefer to split larger groups into tours of 10-15 students, so so our guides can engage with each student.

Depending on availibility, we may also be able to schedule a visit to a research lab. Visiting a lab generally takes an additional 30 minutes, and can be a valuable experience to students of all ages. Note that we cannot guarantee that any particular lab will be available to host visitors on a specific day. If you are interested in seeing a lab, let us know in the Tour Scheduling Form. Also note that it is much less likely that we can schedule a lab visit for large (60+) person groups.


Tour groups should arrive in our building at least ten minutes early. Please consider time to park and walk across our large campus. Please allow extra time for large groups; we will split your your group into smaller groups of 15 people, with tours beginning every fifteen minutes.

If you'd like to find other activities before or after your Allen School tour, there are many sights to see on campus. Just north of our building is the Husky Union Building (HUB), a great place for food and to use as a central meeting spot. Northwest of the Allen Center are Drumheller Fountain and Rainier Vista (and a fantastic view of Mt. Rainier on nice days!). North of the fountain, you will reach Red Square and Suzzallo Library. Suzzalo is the largest library on campus with its famous "Harry Potter Room" at the top of the grand staircase.


Detailed directions on how to get to the Paul G. Allen School/UW are available here.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact

Code of Conduct

Students, faculty, and researchers work in our building at all times of day. While you are in the building, please remain courteous and keep noise levels down. Stay with the tour guide at all times.

Scheduling a Tour

Request a tour through the calendar tool below. Once you submit the form, a member of the CSE outreach team will reach out to you to finalize plans for the tour.

We do not schedule tours during the last two weeks of the UW academic quarter. If you would like a tour in December, March, or June, please check the UW Calendar to make sure your times do not conflict with the last two weeks of our quarter. 

SUMMER TOURS NOTE: If you are looking for a summer tour, please email

By scheduling a tour through the link below, you agree that you have read through and understand all of the content on this page. We do not schedule tours with less than one week's notice. If you would like to schedule a standard, half-hour tour with us, please use the tool below.