CSE 464
Areas of interest: 

Digital audio production and synthesis, digital photography

Technical Experience

2021-present: Associate Teaching Professor emeritus, Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

2002-2021: Associate Teaching Professor, and Manager, Computer Engineering Laboratory, Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

1993-2002: Co-founder and digital designer, dB Technologies, Inc., Seattle, WA. Manufacturer of high-end professional analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog audio converters for the recording and film industries.

1986-1993: Independent Consultant in digital audio hardware and software design.

Some major projects:

° Digital Signal Processing software for the Pro Spatializer from Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA. This device allows the spatial placement, movement, and scaling of individual tracks in space from two loudspeakers. The device works in real-time and processes up to 24 simultaneous sounds, each individually placed in a stereo sound field.

° Designed prototype of DPR-100 Digital Audio Workstation, a Disk-based Recorder-Editor, for Symetrix, Inc., Lynnwood, Washington. These devices (there were several envisioned models in the product line) were high-end products intended for recording studios, film studios, and video post-production.

° In 1988, for start-up Auris, Inc., Evanston, Ill., a prototype multiprocessor Spatial Processor, based on and implementing the patented algorithms of Gary Kendall of Northwestern University. This was a Digital Signal Processor- based design that allowed the real-time three-dimensional manipulation of sounds from stereo speakers using 34 Motorola 56000-series digital signal processors. Two prototype systems were built for Auris. Gary Kendall/

1982-1986: Director of Research and Development for Digital Systems International, Redmond, Washington (later Mosaix and then AVAYA) Designed Voice-recognition-based call-management systems for telemarketing and credit-collection management.

1977-1982: Design Engineer- Consulting Electronic Engineering Firm: Environmental Technology, Inc., South Bend, Indiana Numerous embedded system design projects

1973-1977: Vice President and General Manager- I.E. Inc., South Bend, Indiana, Multimedia Production Company producing industrial educational training films and videos