CSE 548
Areas of interest: 

Systems, compilers, languages, education

Summer 23 Contact Information

My summer schedule changes from week to week. Please use email to get in touch.


Fall quarter 2023 (links will be added when available)

  • CSE 401/M401 Compilers
  • CSE P 501 PMP compilers

Links to courses taught recently (most recent first for each course)

  • CSE 331 Software Design & Implementation: 23wi, 22wi, 21wi
  • CSE 333 Systems Programming: 22au, 22sp, 20au
  • CSE 401/M501 Compilers: 23sp, 22au, 21au, 21sp, 20au
  • CSE P 501 PMP Compilers: 21au
  • CSE 374 Intermediate Programming Concepts & Tools (non-majors): 22sp
  • CSE 413 Programming Languages & Implementation (non-majors): 23sp, 21sp