CSE 638
Areas of interest: 

Liveness in programming environments, programming for virtual reality, educational technology, collaborative problem-solving environments

My current research interests are novice programming environments, collaborative problem-solving environments, and technology for educational assessment including the use of pattern-recognition methods in teaching of written language on tablets. In my keynote talk at the International Conference on Live Coding (Leeds, UK, 2015), I traced the historical influences that have led to the widespread use of liveness in modern software environments. One application of liveness is in collaborative problem solving, demonstrated in "Solving Problems by Drawing Solution Paths" which won the VL/HCC Best Showpiece Award in 2015.

My teaching interests include image processing, visual languages, artificial intelligence, data structures and algorithms. As image processing plays a bigger role in our lives, there are new ways to teach and learn image processing. In my text, An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Image Processing: Pixels, Numbers, and Programs (MIT Press, May 2012), I consider the subject not only from a computing perspective, but also as a creative and mathematical subject.