Tom Erez

NEW: my academic research statement is available here.

In my post-doc, I work with Emanuel Todorov on developing methods for intelligent motor control of complex robotic and bio-mechanical systems. My goal is to create robots that can interact with unstructured environments and unforeseen circumstances autonomously and safely.

Here are some highlights of our recent results (also available for download):

My post-doc position was awarded by the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Scholars Program in Integrative Biophysics, so I'm also a member of the Physiology and Biophysics department. We are currently working to extend MuJoCo to full-scale muscle-driven biomechanical simulations.

I completed my doctoral studies at Media and Machines lab in the computer science department, Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL). At UW I continue to collaborate with Yuval Tassa.