I am always happy to give guest lectures about my research and related topics. If you think your students will enjoy my show, email me! (Contact details are on the right.)

I have prepared a quick tutorial introducing MATLAB to students with programming experience.

In winter 2012 I designed and taught a two-unit freshman seminar on "Godel, Escher, Bach".

In fall 2010 I co-taught a graduate-level class on machine learning and statistics with Jamie Monogan.

Also in fall 2010, Ross Sowell and I ran the first-ever CS pedagogy seminar.

In spring 2010 I taught a section on reinforcement learning in Prof. Kilian Weinberger's class on Machine Learning. The homework project asked the students to create a blackjack player. I will soon post here the code templates given to the students.

During the academic year of '08-'09 I taught CSE100B - Intro. to MATLAB, a required class for several Engineering majors at WUSTL.