Combined Bachelor's/Master's Program

Welcome to the prospective students page for the Allen School Combined Bachelor's/Master's (BS/MS) program. We created the Combined BS/MS program in direct response to student requests and based on industry feedback that this program would benefit future professionals. Allen School undergraduates wanted an opportunity to gain depth in their favorite subjects along with increased breadth of knowledge through studying topics they could not fit in during their undergrad studies.

The Allen School's BS/MS students earn a master's degree in approximately one year of courses beyond standard bachelor's requirements.  This program is only available to currently enrolled Computer Science or Computer Engineering majors here at UW Seattle. Most students are admitted after finishing 300-level requirements in their junior year so they can plan their CSE senior and graduate requirements as a coherent two-year plan.

The application process for the BS/MS program is extremely competitive. Roughly thirty applicants are admitted each fall.  the Allen School intends to expand the program when budgets allows.  Read the information on this site carefully to learn about eligibility requirements, application procedures and deadlines.  Please contact the undergraduate advisors for more information.

Please note that application to the BS/MS program is restricted to currently-enrolled CS and CE majors who meet eligibility requirements.