Regular Admission

Visit an Information Session at the Paul G. Allen Center.

Dates are posted online.

For current UW students, the admission deadline is February 1st for Spring admission and July 1st for Fall admission.

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Regular Admission is the standard admissions path, where admitted students begin a CSE major after completing all regular prerequisites. The majority of CSE students are selected through this process.

Applicants who satisfy the minimum prerequisites below will be given thorough consideration by the CSE Admissions Committee. However, the department cannot offer admission to all applicants who meet these minimum qualifications.

Regular Admission applicants must be enrolled at the UW.

The admissions process for prospective transfer students is slightly adjusted, to allow a better timeline for transfer planning. Transfer applicants should consult the Course Equivalency Guide for Washington State community colleges when planning prerequisite courses, and should refer to our page of information specific to transfer admission.

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Computer Science Prerequisites

Computer Science is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Students applying to the Computer Science undergraduate program must complete the following requirements prior to the application deadline:

Computer Engineering Prerequisites

Computer Engineering is an ABET-accredited program offered through the College of Engineering. Students applying to the Computer Engineering Undergraduate Program must complete the following requirements prior to the application deadline:

Required Admission Materials

Both Computer Science and Computer Engineering use the College of Engineering's online application.


To enter the program in the autumn quarter: July 1st
To enter the program in the spring quarter: February 1st

Visit our page detailing the application review process for more information on the admissions process and the personal statement. Or, check out the Prezi from our Applicant Info Session (use arrows to navigate, and zoom in for small text):


If you have any questions or concerns, please send e-mail to ugradapps.