Application Review Process

There are always more qualified applicants than space available in our CSE programs.  Therefore, our process is competitive, and we have to deny admission to some students with good academic records. We typically have space for approximately one third of all students who apply.

All applications are reviewed by the CSE Undergraduate Admissions Committee, comprised of faculty and advisors. Committee members read applications prior to an all-day committee meeting where all applicants are discussed.

We use an evaluative, rather than a quantitative, process in our admissions review. This means our decisions are based on more than simply which applicants have the highest grades. We do not tally up points; rather, we form an overall evaluation based on academic background and other factors, such as outside interests and activities, evidence of leadership and a sense of direction, and life experience. We do not expect all students to excel across the board, but achievement in relevant academic areas or evidence of overcoming hardships can strengthen an application.

Even when taking all these factors into consideration, it sometimes proves difficult to provide specific feedback on why a student has been denied admission. This section provides information that may help you better understand our decision-making factors, how you can strenghten your case with a strong personal statement, and your options if your application is declined.