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volume 20, number 1, spring 2010
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About MSB

MSB is a twice yearly publication of UW CSE supported by the Industrial Affiliates Program.

Editor: Kay Beck-Benton
Contributors: Ed Lazowska, Hank Levy, Sandy Marvinney
Photo credits: Jon Froehlich, Carl Hartung, Bruce Hemingway, Ed Lazowska, Mary Levin

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CSE makes sense

HydroSense in action
photo by Jon Froehlich
Next-gen smart grid technology

Technology impacts our lives every day: how we conduct business, how we communicate, how we are entertained. CSE faculty and students continuously explore how technology influences and improves the world — both locally and globally. Three current areas of research affect the greater community in various ways: helping the individual consumer reduce water and energy consumption, encouraging more people to use public transportation, and exploring how technology can improve the lives of underserved populations in the developing world. MORE »

Hank Levy

Chair's message

Spring has arrived on campus — signaled by the long days, the nesting blue herons atop the tall trees in the Sylvan Grove next to the Allen Center, and the annual ACM student chapter barbeque with faculty pie-toss. Our faculty and students are doing incredibly well — developing astonishing technology, doing high-impact research, and winning top local and national awards. MORE »


James Lee and Luis Ceze
Sloan Research Fellow James Lee with
Microsoft New Faculty Fellow Luis Ceze

Faculty, student, and alum achievements highlighted:

  • The SWARMS Project, a collaboration led by CSE's Bruce Hemingway, was featured in the Off the Map exhibit at the Kirkland Arts Center. SWARMS is based on a swarm of semi-autonomous, wireless-enabled, "superbird" processors.
  • Check out the photo of more than a dozen past and present CSE researchers, all bedecked in CSE garb, gathered at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy here. The UW CSE diaspora!
  • Brief notes on UW CSE community members honoured and awarded are collected in the datagrams section.


Alumni Achievement Awards winners
Greg Andrews and Rob Short, winners
of the inaugural CSE Alumni
Achievement Awards

Inaugural CSE Alumni Achievement Awards

Greg Andrews and Rob Short are the inaugural winners of the University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering Alumni Achievement Awards. The department honored them during its June 12th graduation ceremony and at a dinner the prior evening. Each year hence CSE will recognize two alumni with exceptional records of achievement. These awards will reaffirm to CSE graduates (past, current, and future) that each contributes to a long, successful line with impact far and wide. MORE »

Diamond Award winners
Diamond Award winners

2010 College of Engineering Diamond Awards

Congratulations to Loren Carpenter and Tapan Parikh, two exceptionally creative innovators, who returned to campus on May 7 to receive 2010 College of Engineering Diamond Awards. The college bestows five awards annually for excellence in academia, industry, entrepreneurship, early career, and service. Seven CSE alumni have now been honored since the inaugural awards in 2006. MORE »

Gaetano with pie
Gaetano Borriello at the
ACM Spring Barbeque


The first half of 2010 proved busy:


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