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About MSB

MSB is a twice yearly publication of UW CSE supported by the Industrial Affiliates Program.

Editor: Kay Beck-Benton
Contributors: Ed Lazowska, Hank Levy, Sandy Marvinney
Photo credits: Jon Froehlich, Carl Hartung, Bruce Hemingway, Ed Lazowska, Mary Levin

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From where I sit...

Hank Levy

Spring has arrived on campus — signaled by the long days, the nesting blue herons atop the tall trees in the Sylvan Grove next to the Allen Center, and the annual ACM student chapter barbeque with faculty pie-toss (see photos).

Our faculty and students are doing incredibly well — developing astonishing technology, doing high-impact research, and winning top local and national awards. In the last issue of MSB, we introduced you to three new faculty members: Anup Rao, who works in theoretical computer science, Su-In Lee, who applies machine learning to computational biology, and Luke Zettlemoyer, who works in natural language processing and AI. We have recently made two more faculty offers for the future, which I hope to tell you about in the next issue of MSB. It’s exciting to be able to renew and grow in such difficult times.

With this year’s graduation ceremony, we are establishing a new tradition of honoring some of our most successful and influential alumni with the CSE Alumni Achievement Award. The first two honorees are Greg Andrews (PhD ’74), now professor emeritus (and former chair) of Computer Science at the University of Arizona, and Rob Short (MS ’87), whose career spanned the development of the VAX computer at Digital Equipment Corporation and the development of Windows NT at Microsoft, where Rob became corporate vice president for Windows Core Technology. Greg and Rob are featured later in this issue. We are extremely proud of all of our alumni, and this new award gives us an opportunity to celebrate — as we’re about to send off the next generation of graduates — those who have made especially important contributions in their careers.

Blue herons nesting in Sylvan Grove
Blue heron nest in Sylvan Grove,
with newly hatched babies.

It’s hard to believe, but this summer brings the start of my 5th year as CSE department chair. It’s been both fun and satisfying to see the department continue to make significant progress on the national stage. I’ve very much appreciated the tremendous support I’ve received from faculty, staff, students, and alumni over that time.

Wishing all of you a wonderful summer!

Hank Levy signature
Henry M. Levy
Chairman and Wissner-Slivka Chair
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