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2011 IEEE Fellows

Professors Gaetano Borriello and Steve Seitz have each been named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, effective January 1, 2011. They are the 11th and 12th UW CSE faculty members to be named a Fellow of IEEE. UW Ph.D. alumna Fran Berman was also named a Fellow of IEEE.

Gaetano Borriello

Gaetano Borriello, the Jerre D. Noe Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, has been named a Fellow "for contributions to embedded computing devices and systems." His research interests include ubiquitous computing, sensor systems, and embedded systems. An Adjunct Professor in Electrical Engineering, Human-Centered Design and Engineering, and the Information School, and the Founding Director of Intel Labs Seattle, Gaetano most recently led the development of Open Data Kit (ODK), a free and open-source set of tools that help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.

Steve Seitz

Steve Seitz has been named a Fellow "for contributions to three-dimensional computer vision." His research interests include many aspects of computer vision and computer graphics, particularly capturing the structure, appearance, and behavior of the real world from digital imagery. Steve was twice awarded the David Marr Prize for the best paper at the International Conference of Computer Vision, and has received an NSF Career Award, an ONR Young Investigator Award, and an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. His work on PhotoTourism (with graduate student Noah Snavely and Microsoft researcher Rick Szeliski) was central to Microsoft's Photosynth offering. He currently is on leave at Google Seattle working on a computer vision project.

Fran Berman

UW Ph.D. alumna Fran Berman (advised by Bob Ritchie) has also been named a Fellow "for contributions to highperformance computing, development of performance analysis techniques, and leadership in the area of highperformance and grid computing." She is Vice President for Research and Professor of Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

CRA award competition recognizes three UW CSE students

CRA Oustanding Undergrads: Joy Kim, Jeff Rasley, Colin Scott
CRA Outstanding Undergrads:
Joy Kim, Jeff Rasley, Colin Scott

Each year the Computing Research Association recognizes a small number of the nation’s undergraduates with the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards. UW CSE continues its tradition where our students are recognized by these awards. In the 2011 competition, three CSE students received honorable mentions: Joy Kim, Jeff Rasley, and Colin Scott.

Joy works on the MobileASL project, which aims to help make sign language communication possible over mobile phones. She created the tools that collect data from the phone during field studies. After graduation, Joy plans to go to graduate school to pursue a PhD studying human-computer interaction. In particular, she is interested in studying web accessibility to allow Internet users with disabilities equal access to the information the web has to offer.

Since December 2009, Jeff has worked with the Seattle project (a distributed test bed research project). He initially worked on verifying the security of its programming language sandbox; and from this work, he coauthored a security paper that appeared in the ACM Computer and Communications Security conference earlier this year. His honor's thesis focuses on formally verifying the portability of various software interfaces, where he is focusing on rigorously verifying Seattle project's API and creating tools that will help quantitatively verify other system's portability. After graduation, he plans to pursue a Ph.D.

Colin's research involves Internet measurement. He has focused on developing techniques such as vantage point proximity prediction for improving the scalability of the reverse traceroute system. His senior thesis is on the use of controlled spoofing for isolating the location of network failures. Next year, he hopes to start graduate school in computer science.

Congratulations to Joy, Jeff, and Colin! They join 35 previous CSE undergraduates who have been recognized by CRA since the inception of this award in 1995. As of a year ago, UW CSE was ranked #1 in the nation in the number of undergraduates recognized with CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awards in the preceding decade; that record should continue.

Update on two of last year's recipients:

Alum Justine Sherry is continuing research in networking in the Ph.D. program at UC Berkeley. She recently presented her work on IP timestamps, for which she won the CRA award, at the Internet Measurement Conference. She is currently designing a framework to allow application programmers to better configure and interact with the networks they use.

Alum Rita Sodt will start the 5th year masters program in UW CSE in January, where she will continue with the same research, which involves enhancing a mathematical model that quantifies and predicts the growth of gliomas (a highly invasive type of brain tumor). Following graduation this past June, she completed a summer internship at Google, followed by three months of living in Portugal and travelling.

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