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Larry Snyder Gives His Valedictory Lecture

Larry Snyder lecturing

After more than 25 years on the UW CSE faculty (preceded by stints at Purdue and Yale), Larry Snyder marked his retirement with a valedictory lecture on June 3, 2010. This 'last' lecture was attended by more than 200 friends and colleagues. Larry advertised the talk, “A Micro-Century of Computational Miscellany,” as follows:

A micro-century (uC) is 52.6 minutes, the optimum length for a college lecture in the opinion of people who worry about such things. A valedictory lecture, a concept with a British pedigree, is a ponderous speech on an arcane topic of no apparent interest to anyone but the speaker. (Retiring academics, after several thousand micro-centuries in the classroom, are wonderfully well prepared to deliver them.) Miscellany, of course, is a collection of diverse things, odds and ends with no unifying theme.

In this decidedly non-technical talk, I describe interesting odds and ends about computing that have caught my attention over the years, because, unfortunately, the dog ate my notes for the originally planned lecture: 'Apposition or Opposition: Dialectic Analysis of 'binary' in Post-modernist Computer Science Thought.'

Larry Snyder at the podium

Thanks to Larry for nearly three decades of contributions to UW CSE! To watch his lecture, please visit:

2010 Industrial Affiliates Annual Meeting Huge Success!

Posters and demos
Posters and demos
Posters and demos
Affiliates and alums, mixing
and mingling during the poster session
recruiting fair
Got jobs? On the 28th, 42 companies,
from Adobe to Zynga, participated in the
recruiting fair. Over 100 representatives
spent the day recruiting CSE
undergraduate and graduate students.
Our next career fair will be held on
January 25, 2011.

CSE held its 2010 annual Industrial Affiliates meeting on October 27th and 28th. New this year, we tested a few changes to the meeting's first day schedule:

  • Added more research presentations during the day
  • Moved the keynote presentation to mid-day
  • Shifted the poster session to the evening and invited Seattle-area alums

And the formula seemed to be a hit! More than 125 representatives from affiliate companies participated in a day of research presentations, as well as the keynote presentation by Linden Rhoads, UW Vice Provost and head of the Center for Commercialization. Abstracts and research presentations may be viewed at:

At the end of the day, approximately 300 Seattle-area alumni joined for an evening of posters, demonstrations, and fellowship. Introduced this year was the "People's Choice Award" for the posters. (Attendees were encouraged to tweet their votes.) To view a list of posters and demos, please check:

While it may be hard to top this year’s meeting, stay tuned for information regarding annual meeting dates for 2012.

2010 Distinguished Lecturer Series

Distinguished Lecturer Series

CSE's 2010 Distinguished Lecturer Series featured speakers such as Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft) and John Hennessy (President, Stanford University). Information regarding all of the lectures may be viewed at:

CSE's annual pumpkin carving

mass pumpkin assault

CSE hosted its annual pumpkin carving bash on October 29th, on the heels of our successful Industrial Affiliates meeting and alumni event on the 27th. While it was as messy as usual, fun was had by all! Photos by our own Bruce Hemingway.

Bay Area alumni event

On June 27th, more than 60 Bay Area alumni gathered at the home of Jeff Dean and Heidi Hopper, where they were joined by UW CSE faculty members Gaetano Borriello, Dan Grossman, and Ed Lazowska. Many thanks to Jeff and Heidi for hosting a terrific event!

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