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From where I sit...

Hank Levy

As I write today, we are extremely excited about CSE and the opportunities that will be available to us in the future. In particular, we were able to make a large number of faculty offers this year. While all the returns are not in yet, we have just announced several extraordinary hires as well as partner hires that strengthen both CSE and all of UW.

First, Carlos Guestrin, who is currently the Finmeccanica Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, will join us in CSE next fall. Carlos is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading researchers in machine learning for his GraphLab parallel machine learning system and many other contributions. Carlos’ fiancĂ©, Emily Fox, currently assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at The Wharton School, will join UW Statistics and will have an adjunct appointment in CSE. Emily works on Bayesian and nonparametric Bayesian approaches to time-series and longitudinal data analysis. She and Carlos will both have Amazon Professorships in Machine Learning, graciously provided by

Second, Jeff Heer, assistant professor at Stanford University, will join us in 2013. Jeff is a superb researcher in the design of interactive, visual data-analysis tools, as well as tools for data cleaning and transformation. Jeff’s fiancĂ©, Daniela Rosner, is completing her PhD from the UC Berkeley Information School and will join UW’s Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE). Daniela’s research combines her background in computer science and graphic design, focusing on the impact of culture and technology on the artifacts we create.

Finally, Kate Starbird, who is finishing her PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder, will also be joining HCDE with an adjunct appointment in CSE. She brings her expertise on the use of social media in crisis situations, such as earthquakes and political uprisings. Kate received her BS in computer science at Stanford and played professional basketball before returning to academia for her PhD.

As a result of a recent state budget initiative, we are looking at significant growth in the future, both at the faculty level and in our undergraduate and graduate programs. We are thrilled to be able to enroll more students in our programs and to hire more game-changing faculty in the future. I hope to have more exciting news on new faculty hires in the next issue.

When this issue appears, we will be in the midst of our favorite event of the year— CSE’s department graduation ceremony. It’s incredibly moving to celebrate the many successes of our students, past and present, and to see so many students and their families filling UW’s beautiful Meany Hall. We recently learned that two of our students will be celebrated at this year’s UW graduation ceremonies. Every year the UW recognizes the top student in the previous year’s Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes university wide as class Medalists. This year’s UW Freshman Medalist is CSE’s Eric Lei, who entered the UW after 10th grade through the Robinson Center’s UW Academy. In addition, Melissa Winstanley, a dual major in Computer Science and Music, has been awarded the UW President’s Medal as the most accomplished student in UW’s 7500-member senior class. Since 2000, seventeen CSE students have won these medals, a full one third of all winners over that period - a stunning result and indication of the incredible quality of our students. Congratulations to Eric and Melissa and all of our CSE graduates this year!

Have a happy, healthy, and fun summer!

Hank Levy signature
Henry M. Levy
Chairman and Wissner-Slivka Chair
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