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CSE Industry Affiliates Program launches startup recruiting fair

Inaugural CSE Industry Affiliates startup career fair, 23 October 2012
Inaugural CSE Industry Affiliates startup career fair
23 October 2012

Each October, CSE hosts its annual Industry Affiliates meeting. The format has traditionally consisted of one full day of research presentations, concluding with a reception and poster session, and a second day focused on recruiting. One of the goals of the recruiting day has been to provide companies, both big and small, direct interaction with our students. In the past few years, it has become evident that smaller companies — startups, in particular — tend to get lost among the more established companies. This fall, CSE decided to try something new. We preceded our traditional two-day Affiliates meeting with a set of events focused exclusively on startups.

The startup-focused events began with an evening event organized by Wayne Yamamoto (CSE affiliate faculty and serial entrepreneur) called "Startups…Seattle… You?" More than 100 students attended to hear from an amazing slate of speakers from the startup world, including presenters from Flipboard, Founder’s Co-Op, WibiData, LearnSprout, Sift Science, Topix, and more. Information about the evening may be viewed here:

The next day began with a terrific talk by Sujal Patel, cofounder of Isilon, who outlined six advantages of taking the plunge and joining a startup. Our friends at GeekWire covered his talk here:

Following Sujal’s talk, approximately 50 companies participated in the startup recruiting fair. CSE students came out in full force, taking the opportunity to meet company representatives and learn about what each company does. Some brief statistics about the participating startups are:

  • 63% located in Seattle; 33% located in the Bay Area/CA.
  • Several founded by CSE alums. (See box at left for more info on the participating startups.)
  • Many funded by our friends at Madrona Venture Group, Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, and Frazier Technology Ventures.

We wish we could have fit more! Pictures from the event may be viewed here:

CSE’s winter 2013 startup recruiting fair will be held on January 23rd. This one is shaping up to be as successful as our first!

Alex Loddengaard Christophe Bisciglia
Alex Loddengaard, co-founder of MemCachier (l) Christophe Bisciglia, founder of WibiData (r)

Our thanks to Alex Loddengaard and Christophe Bisciglia, who encouraged us to consider hosting a recruiting event only for startup companies.

Both Alex and Christophe are serial entrepreneurs located in the Silicon Valley. Based on their own experiences, they wanted to inspire CSE students to work in a startup environment. At Alex’s suggestion, we hosted a panel session last May, entitled "why work at a startup." CSE’s Oren Etzioni chaired the session, and panel speakers included Alex (CEO MemCachier), Christophe (CEO WibiData), Glenn Kelman (CEO Redfin). and Dan Weld (Washington Research Foundation/Thomas J. Cable Professor).

The Commons was packed with interested students. And from that enthusiasm sprang the seed for a more targeted startup career fair.

Participating start-ups founded by CSE Alums

Company: CrystalCommerce CrystalCommerce logo
Founders: Dan McCarty, David Balatero
Founded: 2006
Employees: 20
Location: Seattle, WA
Focus: We help everyone Buy, Sell, Trade, Catalog, Collect and Insure all their cool, interesting, and valuable stuff.
Company: CAC Vantage Sports CAC Vantage Sports logo
Founders: Cameron Tangney, Brett McDonald, Chase Exon
Founded: 2011
Employees: 5
Location: Seattle, WA
Focus: Vantage products provide our team clients with actionable insight in scouting, player analysis, and team development.
Company: Hangtime Hangtime logo
Founders: Allan Carroll, Karl Jacob, Mark Halstead
Founded: 2012
Employees: 12
Location: San Francisco, CA
Focus: Upgrade Your Social Life: World’s first app to show your friends’ social life.
Company: LearnSprout LearnSprout logo
Founders: Anthony Wu, Joe Woo, Franklyn Chien
Founded: 2012
Employees: 7
Location: San Francisco, CA
Focus: LearnSprout is working to unlock education data and empower companies + developers to build the next generation of school apps.
Company: Parlor Parlor logo
Founders: Geoff Desa, Tony Gibbon, Alex Selkirk, Mimi Yin
Founded: 2012
Employees: 7
Location: New York, NY
Focus: Parlor is a social reader that turns time spent on course reading into an opportunity for class participation you can measure. By instrumenting how students read, Parlor makes use of behavioral analytics and simple peer-driven learning mechanisms to push students to engage more meaningfully with their course work and with each other, all the while providing instructors with a Google Analytics-like view into how their class is performing.
Company: Sift Science Sift Science logo
Founders: Jason Tan, Brandon Ballinger
Founded: 2011
Employees: 8
Location: Seattle, WA
Focus: Sift Science uses machine learning to predict when a user will result in a ban or chargeback. We help sites protect themselves from malicious users, such as fraudsters, spammers, or scammers.
Company: Tenacity Sports GameTiime logo
Flagship product: Gametiime
Founders: Don Le, Jon Tam
Founded: 2012
Employees: 2
Location: Seattle, WA
Focus: Gametiime is an online service to make discovering sports activities simple. It is a comprehensive directory, allowing users to make a side-by-side comparison of things to do and quickly find the activity that’s best for them. We will launch soon in private beta with a focus first on the growing running/endurance sports market and building out awesome social features along the way.
Company: WibiData wibidata logo
Founders: Christophe Bisciglia, Aaron Kimball
Founded: 2010
Employees: 20
Location: San Francisco, CA
Focus: WibiData helps organizations build personalized big data applications. It’s the product of the hard work and collaboration of a talented staff, world-class investors, and amazing customers and partners.
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