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Editor: Kay Beck-Benton.
Contributors: Ed Lazowska, Hank Levy, Sandy Marvinney, Kristin Osborne, S. Morris Rose
Photo credits: Bruce Hemingway, Mary Levin, Jose Mandojana

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Leading the charge to power the Internet of Things

Ambient backscatter
Ambient backscatter

When Shyam Gollakota arrived from MIT in 2012, the University of Washington gained a rising star in networks and wireless research. Fast forward nearly two years, and the campus -- not to mention the entire computer science and engineering community -- is abuzz over what Gollakota and a group of talented faculty and students have achieved in the quest to power the next great computing revolution: the Internet of Things.

Collaboration is the key. “By tearing down the barriers between hardware and software, and computer science and other disciplines, we are enabling novel ways of computation, communication and sensing that would not be possible if researchers work in their siloed fields,” said Gollakota. “Computer science affect so many aspects of human life, and working as a member of the CSE faculty offers opportunities to work in a variety of different domains.”

Research highlights

  • If you have ever wondered what your toddler will look like when he or she grows up, there may soon be an app for that. New age progression software reveals how people will look as they age, using just a single photograph.
  • Research highlights
    Brain-to-brain interface demonstration
  • After proving it was possible last summer, UW researchers , led by CSE professor Raj Rao, successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain connection between pairs of people as part of a scientific study. Results were published this fall in the journal PLOS ONE.
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Chair’s message

Hank Levy
Hank Levy

As we enter 2015, I have some very exciting news! A few weeks ago, on December 15th, the UW Architectural Commission interviewed four architectural firms, and on January 8th, the UW Board of Regents will approve one of them to carry out a pre-design of what we’re now calling CSEII -- a new building to facilitate our future growth. Student demand has grown enormously over the last five years in CS departments all over the country, and this new space will help us maintain our leadership role in both education and research.

Alum entrepreneurial profile

Kuang Chen
Kuang Chen

Much of the world still relies on paper forms and documents. Getting information off those files into a format that can be searched and analyzed by computers generally requires manual data entry by people, which is costly, slow, and error-prone. Providing the solution to this is Kuang Chen (B.S. ’03), who founded Captricity, a company that uses a combination of computing and brainpower to read information on paper forms dozens of times faster and more cost-effectively. Chen developed the technology to capture paper-bound data in countries that had yet to fully harness the power of computing.

Another banner year for CSE faculty recruitment

2014 faculty additions
2014 faculty additions

Reinforcing CSE’s position among the best programs in the nation, this year's hires complement our recent game-changing hires in machine learning, “big data,” computer vision, and other areas. In the spring issue of MSB, we announced our first two hires of 2014: a rising star in natural language processing and a rising star in security and privacy.

UW CSE is delighted to introduce our additional faculty hires made during 2014. These talented individuals are contributing to our leadership in key areas of the field, from building a world-class natural language processing group, to expanding our expertise in core areas such as systems, security, data management, programming languages, and software engineering.

Faculty awards and honors

Shyam Gollakota
Shyam Gollakota
  • The TR35 Award competition has always been very good to our faculty and alums. This year is no exception. Several of this year’s awardees have a connection to UW CSE, including UW CSE professor Shyam Gollakota and UW CSE bachelors alums Kuang Chen and Kurtis Heimerl.
  • CSE professor Tom Anderson received the USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award and Software Tools User Group Award.
  • CSE professor Pedro Domingos received the KDD 2014 Innovation Award.
  • CSE professor Dieter Fox has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
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News and events

Anat Caspi
TCAT Director Anat Caspi
  • This fall, UW CSE created the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (TCAT) to bring together researchers, technology users, caregivers and therapists to advance the development and deployment of new technologies that will empower this underserved population.
  • Mark your calendars! We would love to see you at our upcoming events this winter and spring. Here are some of CSE's 2015 spring events.
  • Faculty, student, and alum achievements, and events are highlighted in the Datagrams section
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