Yejin Choi
Natural language processing
Pedro Domingos

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science

Oren Etzioni  

Artificial intelligence, web search

Ali Farhadi

Computer vision, machine learning

Robotics, artificial intelligence, activity recognition

Carlos Guestrin
Machine learning
Kevin Jamieson  

Machine learning, active learning, continuous and discrete optimization, multi-armed bandits, machine learning software systems

(Arriving September 2017)

Sham Kakade
Large scale computational methods for statistics, machine learning, signal processing

Computational biology - network biology, genetics of complex traits, precision medicine, clinical sequencing
Machine learning - feature selection, structure learning, interpretable machine learning

Zoran Popovic

Scientific-discovery games, games for learning, computer graphics, animation, optimal control, natural locomotion, optimization

Rajesh Rao

Computational neuroscience, humanoid robotics, brain-computer interfaces

Computer vision, computer graphics

Linda Shapiro

Computer vision, multimedia retrieval, biomedical informatics

Noah Smith  
Natural language processing
Siddhartha Srinivasa

Robotic manipulation, motion planning, human-robot interaction, assistive robotics

Novice programming environments, educational technology, collaborative problem-solving environments

Intelligent control in biology and engineering

Artificial intelligence, internet systems, human computer interaction

Luke Zettlemoyer

Natural language processing

AI Adjunct


Computational linguistics (especially grammar engineering and NLP), syntax and study of variation.

Electrical Engineering

Machine learning, speech/language/bioinformatics/music, submodularity & discrete optimization

Electrical Engineering  

Convex optimization; systems and control theory

Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Electrical Engineering  

Speech recognition, machine translations


Statistical learning algorithms

Genome Sciences

Development of machine learning techniques for molecular biology

AI Affiliate
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics

Data management, artificial intelligence

Microsoft Research  

Adaptive systems and interaction

University of Rochester  

Knowledge representation and reasoning systems.


Robotics, brain-machine interface

Microsoft Research

Human activity recognition, sensor-based reasoning

Microsoft Research  

Human-Computer Interaction and Brain-Computer Interfaces

AI Postdocs

Yannis Konstas
Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation

Graduate Students
Computational cognitive/neuro science
A man smiling.
Machine Learning, Computational Biology
human-robot interaction, machine learning, brain-computer interface
Natural language processing: learning commonsense knowledge, NLP + {robotics, vision}

3D reconstruction and mapping with RGB-D (Kinect-style) cameras.

Justin Huang  
natural language processing, machine learning
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, information extraction
natural language processing; artificial intelligence  
natural language processing; artificial intelligence  

Natural language processing, artificial intelligence, natural language semantics

Natural language processing, artificial intelligence  
Maarten Sap  
Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science
Sam Thomson head shot

I'm interested in natural language understanding. My research is aimed at learning to automatically map natural language sentences to graph representations of their meaning, ideally in a way that works well for a broad variety of domains and languages.  

Friends and Collaborators

Microsoft Research  
Applied Physics Lab  
Microsoft Research  
Statistics, Biostatistics  

Robotics, brain-machine interface

Microsoft Research  
Statistics, Sociology  

Computational and graphical methods in multivariate analysis

Microsoft Research