Development of domain specific languages and high-performance tools for simulation, optimization, hardware design, and fabrication
CSE 552
Fabrication, Teaching
Wireless systems for ultra-low power and battery-free communication and sensing; bio-inspired and bio-integrative systems; insect-scale robotics.
CSE2 214

Human-computer interaction, accessibility, 3D printing of custom assistive technologies

CSE 650
Allen School Associate Director of Development & Entrepreneurship and Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Endowed Professor in Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Health, ubiquitous computing, sensing, human-computer interaction, embedded systems

CSE2 201
Compilers, CAD, Verification, Synthesis


Alexandra (Sasha) Portnova

I am excited about projects where engineering solutions meet medical needs, specifically those that enable individuals with disabilities interact with the world around them in a more inclusive environment. In the past, I have worked on developing affordable and customizable orthotic devices for individuals with spinal cord injuries and attempted to simplify control methods for complex prosthetic hands. As a postdoc at UW, I hope to harness the advancements in metamaterials and smart textiles to create custom solutions for assistance and rehabilitation needs of individuals with disabilities.