Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing (METIP) 
Steve Tanimoto
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Box 352350, 
University of Washington,
Seattle, WA 98195-2350 USA 

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Welcome to the home page for the METIP project. The project produces, tests and disseminates materials that help students deepen their appreciation for and understanding of mathematics, based on the many roles it plays in digital image processing .

This page contains pointers to a more detailed information about the METIP project and to the educational software that the project has developed. This educational software is available free of charge; we only ask you to fill out an order form as part of our effort to assess the value of our software. Please feel free to explore all the links. 

We are always interested in hearing how effective you think our software is at teaching mathematical concepts. If you have explored any of our software, please take the time to tell us what you think (see the Feedback page).  

The METIP project has been supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers MDR-9155709 and EIA-0121345. Recent work on PixelMath has been supported under NSF grant 0537322. The use of Intel-donated equipment is gratefully acknowledged. 

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Last modified: Friday, 2 April 2010.