MobileAccessibility is an entirely different approach to providing useful mobile functionality to blind, low-vision, and deaf-blind users. This new approach leverages the sensors that modern cell phones already have to keep devices cheap and uses remote web services to process requests. Importantly, both fully automated and human-powered web services are used to balance the cost and capability of the services available.

We are developing applications on the G1 using Google's Android platform and on the iPhone. We are designing, implementing, and evaluating our prototypes with blind, low-vision, and deaf-blind participants through focus groups, interviews, lab studies, and field studies.

Current Projects:

  • Haptic Braille Perception using the Touch Screen and Vibrator on Mobile Phones
  • Camera Focalization Project
  • iPhone GPS Navigation for Low-Vision Users
  • Accessible G1 Applications: Barcode Reader, Color Recognizer, OCR, LocationFinder