Natural Language Processing


Yejin Choi
Natural language processing
Pedro Domingos

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science

Oren Etzioni  

Artificial intelligence, web search

Noah Smith  
Natural language processing

Artificial intelligence, internet systems, human computer interaction

Luke Zettlemoyer

Natural language processing

Adjunct Faculty


Computational linguistics (especially grammar engineering and NLP), syntax and study of variation.

Electrical Engineering

Machine learning, speech/language/bioinformatics/music, submodularity & discrete optimization
Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Electrical Engineering  

Speech recognition, machine translations

Electrical Engineering  

Signal and image processing


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Natural language processing: learning commonsense knowledge, NLP + {robotics, vision}  
Photo of Srini  
natural language processing, machine learning
natural language processing; artificial intelligence  
Natural language processing; computational social science  
natural language processing; artificial intelligence  

Natural language processing, artificial intelligence, natural language semantics
Natural language processing, artificial intelligence  
Maarten Sap  
Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science
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I'm interested in natural language understanding. My research is aimed at learning to automatically map natural language sentences to graph representations of their meaning, ideally in a way that works well for a broad variety of domains and languages.